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Remove guesswork. Find where they are getting tripped up or what caused success. The devil lies in the details. See each minute detail with session recordings.

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Get maximum session recordings in minimal pricing.
Priority Session Recordings

Record what matters the most at the same price

Prioritize Pages

Browsee allows you to prioritize pages based on your current need.

Block Pages

Browsee also allows you to block pages and patterns for session recording like "/blog".

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Sentiment Tags

Auto-tagging of sessions based on sentiments

Rage Clicks

Doing rage clicks or facing an error.


Confused in input fields or searching for something.

High Engagement

Highly engaged with the product or a feature.

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Sentiment tags on session recordings like rage clicks, errors, confusion, etc.
Exhaustive search on session recordings
Segment and Filters

Exhaustive Session Search

Filter by any parameter

Filter sessions by referral, UTMs, CSS elements, device, geo, and much more.

Add to Watchlist

Create a Segment and watch for errors and user sentiments.

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Identify Users

Identify a user with Email to see their problems

Customer Success

Identifying users will help success teams to see why a user is not converting.

Track sessions across domains

SaaS websites can track sessions across subdomains.

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Identify your sessions recordings.
Send your session recording URL to tools like 
              GA, Intercom, Tawk, Drift, Hubspot and many more.

Integrate to chat, ticket, or analytics tool

Chat & Ticketing

Send session URL to your chat or ticketing tools.

Analytics tool

Send data to GA or other analytics tools.

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Share and Save

Save for later or share with the team

Share Sessions

Share with the team or make a public URL

Saved Sessions

Save any favorite sessions to your saved session library for future reference

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Save and Share your session recordings with the Team
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Browsee currently integrates with

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Intercom Chat Integration

See session links in chats

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Tawk Chat Integration

See session links in chats

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Shopify Plugin

Use Browsee from Shopify Admin

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Google Tag Manager Template

Install via GTM template directly

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Google Analytics Integration

Send data to GA

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Drift Chat

See session links in chats

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Wordpress Template

Install directly with Project Key

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NPM Template for SPAs

For React, Vue and Angular

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Chrome Extension

Watch analytics, sessions on CE

Browsee Respects User Privacy


Browsee honors Do Not Track settings in Browser and is compliant with EU GDPR.

Sensitive Input

By default, Browsee doesn't record any sensitive input fields like passwords, emails or numbers.

What to Record - Pick & Choose

A flexible system for you to choose amongst which fields to record or not to record.

Block a Page

You can even choose to completely block any textual data on a page to reproduce the experience with anonymized recordings.

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"I've been testing this in nocodery and this is how it has affected the DAU. Here is what you do. Record user sessions, Watch the user sessions with bugs or rage clicks, Improve that page and Repeat!"
Testimonial Avatar Goncalo - Founder, No Codery
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