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Over 1,000 customers trust Browsee. See what they say.

“Now I can improve conversions and scale the unmoderated usability testing for beta versions. AI-Based Session Tags, segmenting your sessions based on queries, no Code Integration needed, Notifications on Errors these are amazing features to have from one platform! "
Testimonial Avatar Abdelrahman A. - UX Researcher
“Browsee has been a game changer for our E learning product, it has allowed us to continuously improve our product quality using recorded session replays, you can do user segmentation, track product journeys and much more with this, highly recommended for product analytics "
Testimonial Avatar Subhajeet Dey - Tech Manager, Careers360
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“Browsee allows me to track all our stores and our main website and capture actual user experiences which allow us to quickly identify issues that customers might have trying to checkout. We were able to quickly resolve a users checkout problem by replaying his session, saving us the sale! "
Testimonial Avatar Shahbaz Khawaja - Web Development Specialist, Valencia Theater Seating
“Browsee's segments gave us our real engagement metrics. With funnels and feedbacks, we improved on our conversions. "
Testimonial Avatar Prateek Kumar - CPO, Careers360
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Quick analytics for Clicks, Pages, Segments, and Referrals. No Event Integration Required.

No dependency on technology for events integration. Slice and dice customer data by any query.

  • Create segments with URLs, Referrals, Time Spent, Cities, and many more.
  • Add graphs with just a few clicks
  • Stay updated with daily email updates
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Best tool to understand how your landing pages are performing.

Analyze user attention, click patterns, scroll depth. Understand the entire page story via our AI based clustering.

  • Attention maps to identify the sections that catch the user's eye
  • Clustering helps understand major user patterns
  • Scroll & Click Maps complete the page story
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Session recordings give your support team an inside edge.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a session recording is worth a thousand event trails.

  • AI tags to help you watch the right sessions
  • Direct integration with your chat tools Intercom, Tawk for quick debugging.
  • Get sessions link from our API and link recordings to your CRM
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Stay updated with your User's Experience.

Get pinpointed sessions to watch based on human emotions like anger, confusion, frustration, or happiness!

  • Get sessions tagged basis rage clicks, errors, slowness, etc.
  • Know how Network and Javascript Errors are impacting your user
  • With session recordings, reproduce errors like a Pro
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Ask for feedback whenever needed.

It is important to ask for user's opinion or feedback at the right time!

  • Create a design from our multiple themes
  • Target by Exit, Time, Scroll or show on any page, event
  • Integrate data to any CRM or send on Email
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Browsee currently integrates with

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Intercom Chat Integration

See session links in chats

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Tawk Chat Integration

See session links in chats

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Shopify Plugin

Use Browsee from Shopify Admin

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Google Tag Manager Template

Install via GTM template directly

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Google Analytics Integration

Send data to GA

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Wordpress Template

Install directly with Project Key

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NPM Template for SPAs

For React, Vue and Angular

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Chrome Extension

Watch analytics, sessions on CE

Browsee Respects User Privacy


Browsee honors Do Not Track settings in Browser and is compliant with EU GDPR.

Sensitive Input

By default, Browsee doesn't record any sensitive input fields like passwords, emails or numbers.

What to Record - Pick & Choose

A flexible system for you to choose amongst which fields to record or not to record.

Block a Page

You can even choose to completely block any textual data on a page to reproduce the experience with anonymized recordings.

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"I've been testing this in nocodery and this is how it has affected the DAU. Here is what you do. Record user sessions, Watch the user sessions with bugs or rage clicks, Improve that page and Repeat!"
Testimonial Avatar Goncalo - Founder, No Codery
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