CrazyEgg Vs Browsee?

CrazyEgg is a great product yet Browsee can be your Smart Assistant in Much Lower Price!

Features Browsee CrazyEgg
Pricing Starts From $29 $24
Session Recordings 4000/mo 100/mo
AI-Tags on Session Recordings
AI-Clusters in Heatmaps
Priority Recording
Mobile Apps
Heatmap Comparison across Dates
Survey & Feedback
Chrome Extension
A/B Testing

Automated Tags on Session Recordings will save upto 95% of your time.

Know exactly when and where a user has faced an issue.

  • Rage Clicks
  • U-turns
  • Confusion
  • Errors & Slowness
Benefit Icon

Reproduce an Error

Benefit Icon

User is frustrated

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User is frustrated

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Direct alerts to Slack

Analyze your heatmaps with AI-clusters.

Know what the users who are dropping tend to do and what those who convert do.

  • Behavioral Cluster
  • Attention Span
  • Click Distribution
  • Scroll Depth
  • Compare Across Dates
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How majority users behave

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Attention Maps

User attention map

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Know click distribution

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User scroll depth

Add your own graphs for any metric in a click.

Eliminate tech dependency. Even track metrics on retroactive data.

  • Search Any Query
  • Save a Segment
  • Add to Dashboard
  • Track Metric
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Summary Email

Inbox metrics directly

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Segment sessions in Slack

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Stunning graphs

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Easy Creation

Search and Save

Understand the engagement of your loyal users.

Analyze how and where users are engaging with the product.

  • Identify Users
  • Tag Users
  • Engagement Dashboard
  • Individual User Summary
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Know users loosing interest

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Comprehensive usage report

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Quick Filter

See who is active

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Improve product

Get indirect feedback

Chrome Extension making it easier to analyze.

Get analytics while browsing your site

  • No Painful Searches
  • Analyze as Your Browse
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URL Analytics

Go to URL

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Element Analytics

Select element on page

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10X Usability

Just install and watch

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Easy lookup

Select to watch sessions

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"I've been testing this in nocodery and this is how it has affected the DAU. Here is what you do. Record user sessions, Watch the user sessions with bugs or rage clicks, Improve that page and Repeat!"
Testimonial Avatar Goncalo - Founder, No Codery
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