Why you need Google Tag Manager?

If you have a website for your business, it is crucial to analyze your website in order to optimize your digital marketing strategy to expand your business’s online reach. How do analyze a website? Well, it is simple - collect maximum data. No matter what type of website you own- be it a personal blog or website, a website for a small business or even a large e-commerce site- your digital marketing strategies has to be decided based on insights from numerous data.
Google Analytics is one of the best tools available these days that lets you get various information about how your users interact with your site like how long users stay on your page, how many users click a link, how many users submit a form and so on. Google analytics can be used by anyone free of cost and is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for analyzing data for your business and get a deeper understanding of your customer. But when used alone it has its limitations. Collecting data using analytics tools like Google analytics become more effective with the addition of tags.
So, what are these tags? It is nothing but pieces of code that is embedded in your website’s HTML code or JavaScript to extract the necessary information. These tags can be used to various purposes like scroll tracking, tracking how people land on your website, tracking form submissions, generating heat maps, monitor file downloads, clicks on specific links, etc. However, creating these tags is not always easy. Manually coding all the tags you need is definitely a tedious task if you are trying to add or edit tags by going directly into the site’s source code especially for marketers who do not have much coding experience. This is where the Google tag manager (GTM) comes handy.
GTM is a free tool which allows you to manage tags without touching the source code. With GTM, the entire tag management process becomes less messy. It simplifies the process of working with tags and enables you to add, edit or disable tags without having to touch the website’s source code. All you have to do is embed the Google Tag Manager code into your website page once and whenever you want to create a tag Google Tag Manager (GTM) will take care of coding for you. Doesn’t that sound simple? Yeah, it is a must tool any marketer should give a try. It allows marketers to manage tags easily without having to depend on developers for coding each marketing tag.
Having said that GTM makes tag management “easy” doesn’t mean that it is a simple tool which anyone can use just like that. It certainly requires some technical knowledge to set up tags. There is a learning curve. Before you start working with them there are some main components you will need to know about - like what are “events”,”triggers”, “variables” and so on. Well, once you climb up the hill it will be worth the efforts you have put in. Embedding tags in your website will increase the quality and precision of your analytics reports. Thus, Google Tag Manager is a a tool which can make your life a lot easier if used in the right way! 

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