Is your mobile website easy to use? Session Replays can answer that

Session Replays help you see how users are using your product. With Session Replays, you can identify what problems users are facing or what they are loving about your product.

Session Replays equips you with enormous power to identify and fix any issue in your product and you may remember that

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

A lot of users browsee your site on a mobile browser today and one of our customers who also happens to be a friend asked to dig their mobile sessions as they were experiencing some unusual drop off compared to desktop. These were the filters we worked with.

  • Device as Mobile
  • UTM Medim as CPC (Paid Traffic)
  • UTM Campaign as SUMMER_SALE
  • Session Activity Count = 1
  • Session Time < 5 secs

With these rules, we were able to ensure that the paid users coming from a particular campaign. The last two rules are interesting because these are users who are interested in the product because they clicked somewhere but then they suddenly dropped within 5 secs or less.

This gave us some interesting sessions and we identified an interesting issue with their Select2 Dropdown. Sometimes in mobile the keyboard was occupying the dropdown list making it impossible to scroll through the dropdown list. So users were having to scroll the page down, select an option and only then they could get value out of the page. Needless to say many users decided to move on and hence the unusual drop compared to desktop sessions.

You can see a snapshot here to understand the UX issue that users were facing.

You can see how minor issues like this can make users drop quickly. It is not possible to identify user issues only with testing hence session replays is a really useful tool to make your users your testers as well.

Stay tuned with Browsee for more strategies! Happy Converting!

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