Top AI Code Completion VS Code Extensions

Visual Studio Code is a textual content editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It consists of support for debugging, embedded Git control and GitHub, syntax highlighting, smart code final touches, snippets, and code refactoring.

The functions that Visual Studio Code includes out-of-the-box are just the start. VS Code extensions will let you upload languages, debuggers, and tools to your installation to support your development workflow. With VS Code’s rich extensibility model, extension authors can plug at once into the UI and contribute functionality via the identical APIs used by VS Code.

GitHub Copilot

With over 2 million downloads, Copilot, created by GitHub, promises to incorporate the energy of the OpenAI Codex into your development workflow. The distinction with Copilot is that it does not just replace your Intellisense suggestions. After allowing this extension, Copilot will offer you code suggestions based on the code or common language you upload in your code files. As you begin to upload a feature name, a comment, or a doc-string, Copilot will attempt to take your instructions and flip them into code. Copilot can generate code for an entire feature, a category, or a unit check, in addition to providing in-line recommendations. Copilot may even attempt to autofill any repetitive code it notices you typing!

Github; Source: Github

The source from which Copilot receives the code it indicates is presently a point of competition for various builders. Copilot searches public repositories on GitHub as the source of its guidelines. Many online comments state that the device does not respect the proprietors of the repository code license. It just scans and spider's code. If you no longer trust this, then it's up to your morals if you decide to use it.

The first component of the code that Copilot generated on your undertaking is that the tool no longer realises if the code it suggests is any more precise. Within your employer, you will have coding standards. Copilot will no longer propose code written in your preferred coding style; it'll simply come up with suggestions based on the code it finds online. Copilot does not validate that its tips are lines of code you ought to use; it leaves that up to you.

GitHub CEO Nat Friedman describes Copilot as a device that could assist developers in quickly finding alternative approaches to clear up issues, write tests, and explore new frameworks. If Copilot sounds interesting to you, step one is to sign up for the loose beta program and install the market extension. After installing the extension, begin coding, and Copilot will provide you with a few quite complicated tips. It can even automatically provide you with hints to save you from having to write down repetitive boilerplate code

When using Copilot, it is certainly worth taking 5 minutes to study the shortcut keys:

  • Tab: Accept suggestion
  • Esc: Reject suggestion
  • Alt + ]: Next suggestion
  • Alt + [ : Previous suggestion
  • Alt + \: Trigger suggestion

Getting whole feature suggestions is splendid; however, to jot down code to a high standard, you will often want to craft it yourself. One tip you should follow, in case you want to replicate a few complex lines of code from Stackoverflow, is to link to it in a comment so the context of the code is in the source control, too. With StackOverflow, you will also get actual human comments if the snippet works properly.

With automatic hints, the worry is that junior builders simply apply a suggestion without knowing it. This boom in productivity ought to be fake or tremendous. In a code overview, the code may fail inspection, wasting more of the team's time. At the end of the day, there may be no shortcut for not knowing the code you dedicate!

Pricing: Included in GitHub Pro, GitHub Team, GitHub Enterprise Cloud, and GitHub One plans.

Google Cloud Code

Cloud Code extends two Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), IntelliJ and Visual Studio Code, to cloud-native Kubernetes packages. Google's message here is that transferring to the cloud is not just about records. It can also be about code and the developers who write it. IDEs are designed for enhancing, compiling, and debugging code for local packages. Google wants to adapt them to developing applications for the cloud.

Cloud Code; Source: JetBrains Marketplace

The plugin works with Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ and supports NodeJS, Go, Python, Java, and.NET. This is a pragmatic choice to help the equipment developers are already using. The list of features is barely specific among the two IDEs. With Cloud Code, IntelliJ gets more integration for working with Google Cloud Storage and App Engine, even as the Visual Studio Code plugin lets developers browse Kubernetes resources, place secrets and techniques in volumes and environment variables, screen and configure a neighborhood Minikube cluster or create clusters in GKE, EKS, and AKS without leaving the IDE.

Pricing: Available for free with $300 in free credit


With over four million downloads, Tabnine is a popular VS Code AI desire. Tabnine has a free option in addition to a paid-for tier. In the loose tier, anticipate AI-powered shortcodes in their entirety to get added to your VS-Code Intellisense. If you are happy to pay $12 a month, you'll also get whole-line and full-feature suggestions and herbal language completions. Tabnine additionally guarantees to research your coding styles and fashion.

Tabnine; Source: Tabnine

If you're seeking AI on a budget, you can leave the overall characteristic guidelines and natural language completions to Copilot and Tabnine for higher Intellisense tips.

Tabnine uses the transformer community structure, which uses over 2 million source repositories to teach from. Historically, numerous humans complained about how much memory the extension used; however, this was solved in 2021.


Free version available with limited features.

TabNine Pro: $15/month or $99/year.


With over 3.6 million downloads, Kite is more popular than any other AI extension. Kite started only supporting Python but now supports all the same old contenders like Javascript and C#.

In terms of capabilities, the unfastened version of Kite is similar to Tabnine. Install it and get AI hints delivered to your VS-Code Intellisense. You can tell which guidelines were made through Kite as they'll have the word Kite following them

Kite; Source: Visual Studio Magazine 

The suggestions made by Kite will be personalised and tailored to the precise bit of code you are running. Based on the naming conventions you use in the surrounding variable, characteristic, and class names, you will be given suggestions for variable names and values that align with the code's purpose. As well as customised suggestions, Kite provided guidelines for well-known Javascript syntax like var and feature declarations. You can get more guidelines from TabNine than Kite; however, the Kite tips will be more customised.


Free version available with limited features.

Kite Pro: $19.90/month or $199/year.


Released via Microsoft, with over 20 million downloads, IntelliCode is the most downloaded extension in the listing. IntelliCode features the pointers you are most likely to apply at the pinnacle of your Intellisense. Being capable of greater quick vehicle-entire Intellisense inspiration is glaringly a large time saver!

Intellicode; Source: Trusted Tech Team Blog

IntelliCode recommendations are primarily based on many open-source projects on GitHub and your Intellisense usage. Combined with these records, the set of rules tries to guess what notion you'll pick from the list. IntelliCode stars the recommendations you may use and includes them as the first objects within the Intellisense guidelines.

When you begin evaluating the pointers to the more recent, more powerful AI gear, the energy of IntelliCode does not truly evaluate. The tool does not come up with the same level of AI-based personalised hints based primarily on the purpose of the code. IntelliCode recommendations have been, without a doubt, useful. Sadly, compared to the other options, the tips are not as tailor-made as Kite, Tabnine, or Copilot.

Pricing: Included as a feature within Microsoft Visual Studio, no separate pricing.

Bito AI

Bito is an AI assistant tool with numerous use cases. You can use it to generate code, ask for syntax, look at cases, code reasons, comment technology, improve code performance, check protection, and analyse technical principles.

Bito AI; Source: Bito AI

Bito can be mounted in VS Code, JetBrains IDEs, and Chrome. It’s to be had as a chatbot that you could use to interact and ask questions. You can also use it to automate the elimination of logging statements and upload error and exception management to your code.

Bito AI has been established with more than 3,500 instances in VS Code as of February 2023.


Free version available.

Developer plan: $15/month


AIXcoder is an intelligent programming pair in your improvement group. It looks after your codes in the AI era so that you can use your intelligence to deal with more complex and crucial matters.

AIXcoder; Source: Jet Brains Marketplace

If you're concerned about your code’s information security and privacy, use the offline version to keep your code safe on your laptop. The deep-learning models it uses get training from hundreds of thousands of lines of open-source code. Hence, it can suggest codes suitable for your context.

This code of the entirety engine also supports personalised deep customisation in your group or organisation that lets you acquire extras through improvement. Moreover, it collects coding statistics to offer you tailor-made code inspection policies.

Pricing: Status not confirmed; verify pricing on their official website.


Do you need to construct bug-free software programs and deliver them earlier than the closing date? Then, it's time to empower your team with Ponicode. This solution uses the artificial intelligence era to write codes faster while retaining the code with the least effort.

Ponicode; Source: CircleCI

Installation of this tool will take less than a minute, and you may kickstart app development that won’t be tedious anymore. It will help you avoid monotonous tactics by harmonising excellent code with velocity and creativity.

Now, you may increase Industrial-grade software programs with future-proof code minus the bugs and flaws. For free, you can use this answer for Java, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript languages.


Individual pricing: Starts at $19/month.

Team Pricing: Varies based on users and features.


Jedi is any other open-source access in this AI code's entire answer listing. It is normally a Python static evaluation device developers can use in IDEs or editor plugins. Though it makes a specialty of code autocompletion, you may also revel in its other functions, including goto capability, seek and find, refactoring, and so on.

Jedi; Source: GitHub

It has a simple API that you can use with distinct editors and tasks, including Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Vim, Emacs, Kate Model 4.13, Atom, GNOME Builder, Gedit, and IPython.

Pricing: Open-source, available for free.


Here, we mentioned some of the pinnacle AI code finishing touch solutions you can use for product development. While many of you may wonder if Artificial Intelligence will replace the developers, it's far too early to say anything now.

The current situation indicates that it'll grow into a machine over the years to automate the tedious parts of coding. So, instead of worrying about the future, it's far better to make the most of these code-final-touch solutions and include them within your list of productive apps.

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