The Top 12 AI Tools for Social Media Marketing in 2024

Being consistent is very important for success on social media. If you consistently provide high-quality content every week, it will satisfy the algorithms and promote your brand to a larger audience. Although creating content, managing the posting schedule, and determining what your audience prefers to read can be challenging, even when using a regular social media management application,.

Top 12 AI Tools for Social Media Marketing in 2024; Source: Sprout Social

But AI is revolutionizing the way. It will assist your social media plan with content creation, emotion understanding, and massive data comprehension. This is going to assist you in making superior choices, comprehending your spectators, and freeing up time for handling other work of high value.

Top-notch social media management software assists in boosting uniformity and efficiency by monitoring old and upcoming posts, automating aspects of timing and publication, and providing a look into fundamental statistics about your performance and audience. However, since you are here, it seems like you are seeking something extra.

When you include AI in all this, it becomes simpler and more exciting: you have the capability to create ideas, content, and pictures for your messages, process large amounts of data to discover what your viewers are experiencing, and apply machine learning to forecast how well posts will perform before they're even published. This could assist you in achieving success more frequently with less effort.

What are AI tools for social media?

AI tools for social media are programs made to assist individuals in crafting, organizing, or enhancing content and plans for social media.

Social media instruments exist for almost the same amount of time as applications. We have used external apps to share again on Instagram and programs like VSCO for perfecting our self-portraits, but with artificial intelligence now involved, everything progresses quickly.

12 AI Tools for Social Media Marketing

1. Magic Studio

Magic Studio, as the name suggests, offers you amazing tools for creating beautiful photos. It's so fast and simple that it feels almost like magic.

Magic Studio; Source: Canva

The features of its AI for creating photos enable you to make product pictures, create imaginative images with text prompts, and even generate professional-quality profile photos.

Its editing functions allow you to erase not-needed items from your pictures, adjust backgrounds, and make your images bigger without dropping their quality. It’s the dream tool for creating quality visuals for your social media activities.

2. ChatGPT

About AI instruments for social media, ChatGPT is one among the latest entrants in the field. Yet, it is creating quite a stir! OpenAI, the creators of this generative AI tool, have educated the tool with loads of data across various topics.

ChatGPT; Source: Medium

And it can whip up short- and long-form content (for content marketing) on demand. With prompts, you are able to create ideas and content for social media on ChatGPT for different uses.

3. Emplifi

Emplifi, a social media engagement and analytics platform powered by AI, is trusted by more than 20,000 brands. This includes well-known names like Mercedes-Benz, Domino’s Pizza, and PSG football club.

Emplifi; Source: Software Advice

The characteristics of its social marketing allow you to study, plan, and release powerful content across popular social media platforms from a single dashboard.

In addition, you obtain pertinent knowledge that aids in making your content more interactive. This includes the capacity to rapidly locate content created by users and scrutinize the consumer journey of your intended audience on social media platforms. You can also utilize a database comprising over 30 million influencers and supervise their marketing activities efficiently.

4. FeedHive

In Feedhive, you get a platform that is operated by artificial intelligence for creating and scheduling content on social media. It provides easy management of your social media activities.

FeedHive; Source:

FeedHive provides functions like an AI author, a tool for scheduling, a recycler of content, and a central control panel to respond to your intended audience on social media networks. This aids in the production and spreading of content on a larger scale.

FeedHive also provides analysis tools that assist you in making social posts with good performance potential. Additionally, an AI-aided conditional post creator will produce subsequent posts, like proposals, depending on the first post's success.


The pledge of Synthesia is uncomplicated: it provides all necessary tools for making high-standard professional videos within a few minutes.

Synthesia; Source:

The platform for creating videos, powered by AI, gives you the feature to transform text into videos. It uses AI figures that can do voiceovers in more than 120 languages.

It also provides many templates that can be quickly adjusted for distinct types of videos. Additionally, it contains an AI script creator and multiple functionalities to modify your video.

6. Sprout Social

Sprout Social characterizes itself as an "all-encompassing social media management platform," and this characterization couldn't be more precise.

Sprout Social; Source: Sprout social

It provides everything, ranging from setting up schedules and social listening tools to features that analyze data. Also, it has a main control panel for responding to customer messages on various platforms. Sprout also boasts AI and marketing automation solutions for social media.

7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a household name among social media managers and marketers. This AI tool, full of value for social media, possesses everything necessary to handle your online presence across various channels effectively in one location.

Hootsuite; Source: Hootsuite Blog

There is an AI writing helper named OwlyWriter in it. This assistant can make social media captions and content ideas fast and even create content from links. Hootsuite also uses AI to assist you in determining hashtags and optimal posting times for reaching your audience.

8. VistaSocial

Consider VistaSocial as the main office for your social media activities. It is a unified platform that links all of your social media accounts and lets you reach them from one location.

VitaSocial; Source:

Its AI features include an AI writing assistant powered by ChatGPT. Tools that adapt your principal idea to the unique needs of each platform, so you avoid manually adjusting your content for every social media channel.

9. Stockimg

Stockimg; Source:

With Stockimg, there is no more hassle of searching through stock image websites to find the ideal picture for your social media post. The image generation tool, empowered by AI from Stockimg, will produce spectacular pictures for you when you put your prompt into a search bar. Beyond stock images, you can also generate art, illustrations, logos, wallpapers, posters, and more.

10. HubSpot

HubSpot is another household name in the AI social media tool arena. Similar to HootSuite, it offers a main place for controlling your social media accounts using features like an AI-driven content creator, publishing content, and monitoring keywords.

HubSpot; Source: HubSpot

It also contains a function that allows you to link your blog with your social media accounts. This ensures the automatic sharing of blogs on all your social platforms.

11. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is an additional AI instrument for social media. It gives you a unified place to control all your different social media profiles.

ContentStudio; Source:

Using it, you can quickly plan, schedule, and post content. It also helps in creating social media captions through an AI writing tool. This tool allows for organizing messages at one location and even discovering the top-performing content in your field to recycle ideas for exploration.

12. is similar to ChatGPT. It's a helper in writing using artificial intelligence that can make content and messages specifically for different social media channels.; Source: Travelpayout

You just need to show which platform you want for making content. You provide the writing helper with some background about your requirement, select from the provided choices, and refine it according to your preference.


As companies keep trying to find better methods to connect with their intended customers, AI instruments begin to become a crucial need. And if one conducts proper research and utilizes the correct resources, any business can discover the top social media artificial intelligence instrument suitable for their organization.

It's about automating routine work or collecting information on customer engagement; there are tools available for easing your job and assisting you in achieving particular targets. The top 12 artificial intelligence platforms in social media discussed here give a glimpse of what can be achieved with this advanced technology. So start exploring today!

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