The 10 Best AI Tools Small Business Owners Need in 2024

The expression "artificial intelligence," or AI, was first used in 1956. John McCarthy, a computer scientist from America, created this term for the inaugural conference about AI.

Move forward to 2024, and we find ourselves in a thrilling new time where AI, powered by advanced machine learning algorithms, has become a topic of great interest for everyone. The concept of AI has evolved from just being trendy jargon to becoming an influential factor that significantly alters how we live our lives. A lot of smaller companies and new businesses are starting to use artificial intelligence in order to grow and become successful; you wouldn't like it if they moved ahead without you.

AI Tools Small Business Owners Need; Source: Dorik

If you are searching for top artificial intelligence tools that can help startups and small companies make their work processes more efficient, we have recommendations for you. We will discuss 10 excellent AI tools available now that will complete tasks well and also. enhance your business's efficiency and earnings.

The Importance of AI tools For Startups and Small Businesses

Nowadays, artificial intelligence and automation are very important for new companies and small enterprises to get ahead in the market. Using AI can make you work more efficiently and quickly, lower expenses, and increase how much you produce.

Save Time and Money

Utilizing artificial intelligence to create initial drafts can greatly simplify your life. For instance, hypotenuse AI has the capability to produce content that resembles what a human would write, and it does so in large quantities while requiring significantly less time than human writers.

Gain Valuable Insights

AI instruments utilize information to spot patterns and tendencies that could escape human notice. These AI data analysis offerings deliver insight into the ways consumers engage with what you offer, assisting you in making choices based on data to enhance how customers experience your product or service.

Reach More Customers

Artificial intelligence drives tools such as chatbots, voice helpers, and tailored marketing programs that help in reaching out to customers differently (advice: you can use some easy steps for mail merging to make this automation process simpler and save time). For example, chatbots allow your business to be available around the clock, so you can interact with potential clients anytime and handle many conversations effectively at once.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

AI symbolizes the future, and businesses of all sizes are beginning to realize its immense potential. Begin incorporating AI into your tasks now, and you will benefit from it. Ensure your company doesn't lag behind competitors. Advancements in AI can enhance work productivity, create new opportunities, and give you a technological and strategic advantage over other businesses in the field.

Artificial intelligence may seem complex, but there are AI resources and systems that simplify its application for even small firms and new ventures. By investing effort in research, you can find AI solutions suitable to your needs without excessive expense.

The 10 Best AI Tools for Small Business Owners

1. Storydoc

Storydoc is an AI tool for creating business presentations, but it also offers much more than quick presentation creation. Stroydoc utilizes artificial intelligence to direct your content and design as if by magic, ensuring a path towards the optimal result rather than merely the quickest one.

Storydoc; Source: AppSumo

Whatever type of business paper you need to make, Storydoc can do it more effectively than if you tried it on your own. It also provides content that is secure, dependable, and appropriate. No unrestrained AI shenanigans.

This is designed to help both small and large companies grow, offering simple CRM connections that enable you to create custom presentations for every contact straight from your CRM. You can also incorporate various sales and marketing tools into your presentations, including Calendly, Loom, and Hubspot chatbots.


AI instruments can assist small companies in crafting content that connects well with their audience and overcomes algorithms. stands as an example of these tools, utilizing natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms to enhance how effective their written material is. It also checks the clarity, coherence, and engagement of the content and provides suggestions accordingly.; Source: TechCrunch

It mainly assists in composing quick positive responses and creating email content. Additionally, managers can write articles for blogs, descriptions of products, posts for social media platforms, and other things. AI in content marketing can change the game altogether!

3. MarketMuse

MarketMuse makes it easier to automate content reviews that took many hours or days. It also helps to remove personal bias and shows clearly what is effective and what isn't.

MarketMuse; Source: Codeless

It aids in fast content plan generation, giving detailed insights on pages, entire websites, and search engine result pages. Moreover, marketers can become authoritative and dominate a subject by figuring out which topics to cover based on how hard it is to rank for them.

4. Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows; Source:

This chat program employs artificial intelligence that understands personality types to recognize people's traits on the internet and tailor messages for them according to what customers prefer. Crystal Knows examines behavior by looking at data that is openly accessible, such as written replies and different characteristics.

5. Flick

Flick is a comprehensive tool for planning, hashtagging, and analyzing content on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok. It aims to make account management and growth easier, which is perfect for owners of small businesses and marketing teams with a few members.

Flick; Source: Flick 

Flick comes with key functions for managing social media, but it also includes an AI assistant that helps you come up with new ideas for content, create fresh posts for social media, and transform longer pieces into short captions suitable for different social networks.

6. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is a system of artificial intelligence made to assist companies in improving their email marketing strategies. It was created to work with the Marketo and HubSpot platforms, so if your team uses these services, it could be beneficial to consider this tool.

Seventh Sense; Source: AnsweriQ

All the functions of Seventh Sense work to make email marketing more successful. eemsful for every individual who receives them. It achieves this by adjusting when emails are sent, on a large scale, to match the best time each person is likely to read them and how often they like getting these emails.


DALL-E is a significant advancement in the field of generative AI, providing users with the capability to produce high-quality pictures easily without requiring complex technical knowledge or costly software. It has many uses, including making product visuals for online shops and crafting images for news pieces and updates on social media

DALL-E; Source: Labellerr

Designers, artists, and marketers can use DALL-E to make visual materials for different uses, like ads, social media posts, and articles on blogs.

8. Phrasee

This tool with AI can make subject lines and text for emails using natural language creation and learning algorithms. Small companies can use Phrasee to improve their email words and get more people involved.

Phrasee; Source:

Using AI in business marketing, leaders have the ability to automate various tasks, such as email campaigns and social media post scheduling, among others. They are also able to monitor customer interactions, which helps in recognizing patterns in behavior.

9. LiveChatAI

LiveChatAI is a chatbot powered by AI that can improve how you talk with your customers and, at the same time, make your business operations easier. This tool uses data that has been trained to craft replies and shapes them to fit what your customers go through.

LiveChatAI; Source:

Now you can use a multi-channel strategy that includes different integration options, such as Slack, Intercom, and email systems. LiveChatAI lowers expenses and boosts the conversion rate by utilizing the required resources along with natural language processing and machine learning techniques.

To use this efficient tool, simply insert an embed script into your website and combine it with your customer service system.

10. Salesforce Einstein GPT

Einstein GPT uses advanced generative AI algorithms to create text that sounds like a human wrote it, which allows for lively and wide-reaching conversations with customers. It works smoothly together with Salesforce's strong CRM system. This lets companies do tasks automatically, understand their customers better, and provide custom experiences at every step of the customer's interaction journey. Einstein GPT connects to the large amount of information in the Salesforce Data Cloud, helping companies make decisions based on data and produce content and messages that are very suitable for their specific audience.

Salesforce Einstein GPT; Source: Cynoteck

Using this technology, there are particular AI instruments that improve the functions of various business sectors. Sales, customer support, marketing, commerce, data analysis, and automating workflows can benefit from adopting Salesforce's CRM-based AI program called Einstein. Each leverages AI to streamline processes, use data more intelligently, and improve customer outcomes.


Here is the list of the ten best AI instruments that every new company and small business must use in 2024. The future has arrived, and AI changes the way businesses work and grow. Begin to use these new technologies now to prepare your business for the future and gain an advantage over others. Big benefits await those who are brave enough to dive in. Here's to your success!

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