10 Free Realistic AI Voice Generators in 2024

The rapid increase in artificial intelligence has allowed us to see a variety of AI text-to-speech creators and programs. Be it AI tools for turning text into spoken words or voice makers using artificial intelligence, these are essentially applications that convert written material into audible content, reading it like a human would.

10 Free Realistic AI Voice Generators; Source: MSPoweruser

Today, it finds use in many ways. It serves as a co-pilot technology for people with learning difficulties and is also used by businesses and content creators for voiceovers. Text-to-speech tools powered by artificial intelligence are commonly used in games, the making of voice assistants, audiobooks, branding activities, animation works, and so much more.

What are AI voice generators?

AI voice generators are very intelligent programs that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to create realistic voices. This software can change written words into speech that sounds like a human with only a few clicks. They do not simply read words out loud. They possess a special skill to understand the situation, imitate how humans change their voice tones, and show many different feelings when they talk.

This merges to make a speaking program that is nearly identical to a human. It's surprising, isn't it? It is similar to constantly having an electronic assistant for voiceovers that can assist you in imitating any kind of speech you think of. Their possible uses are as wide-ranging as you can imagine, from giving energy to audiobooks to enhancing the interaction on your website.

10 Best Free Realistic AI Voice Generators

1. LovoAI

LovoAI is a recognized AI voice generator that boasts an impressive stockpile of over 500 voices and more than 100 languages. It may not have as numerous features compared to MurfAI, but LovoAI provides a valuable free package for newcomers too.

LovoAI; Source: LovoAI 

However, its paid plans offer much more. For example, LovoAI has recently introduced a set of extremely realistic voices that reproduce human speech consistently; it's as though the audio was recorded by a voice performer in a studio. This makes it one of the most realistic AI voice generators out there.

2. MurfAI

MurfAI provides excellent audio output that is of studio-grade quality. What's great about it is that you can begin at no cost at all. Plus, even on the free plan, they allow you to test over 120 voice options before settling for your choice.

MurfAI; Source: murf.ai

You don't need any credit card information to start, and it even permits you to add up to three users. Even though it does not permit downloading your track, you can share it with others via a link. So, this plan is ideal for the beginning stages of a project.

3. Altered

Altered is the top AI voice-adjusting tool; it's ideal for people who like to maintain their own sound but want to enhance and maybe make it more professional. For example, there is an AI-based voice cleaner that eliminates pauses while talking.

Altered; Source: Best Generative Tools | Discover the power of Al

Frequent use of spoken fillers such as stammers, "ums," and "ahs" may give audio a less professional quality, particularly if not utilized in conversation. However, Altered provides a voice-cleaning instrument that allows you to eliminate these interruptions with just a few clicks.

4. ElevenLabs

The new dubbing feature of ElevenLab gives it a competitive advantage. It assists in translating your content into 29 diverse languages swiftly.

ElevenLab; Source: ChatGPT Plugins

The greatest advantage is that you can also utilize this instrument even if you are not familiar with the language of the initial content.

You have French audio, but you don't understand the language. No problem. You can put it in ElevenLab's editor, and it will identify the language instantly, aiding with translation into another language. To get a free demo without needing to log in, simply go to their product list and select "Dubbing.".

5. VoiceOverMaker

VoiceOverMaker is perfect for creators who need a text-to-speech editor. You can transform your written words into natural, high-quality voiceovers with it. While transformation of text into speech is a usual feature, the simplicity of using VoiceOverMaker makes it uniquely noticeable.

VoiceOverMaker; Source: VoiceOverMaker.io

This feature can be utilized straight on the internet, and there is no requirement for uploading your video. Just choose it, type the text under the video, and a voice will auto-create itself.

Then, you have the ability to alter this voice in their advanced video and audio editor. This tool provides you with power over the basic characteristics of the voice, such as its pitch and clarity. Moreover, it allows you to adjust how it blends with your video content, including its speed relative to others.

6. Voiser

Voiser is a well-liked tool for converting text into speech and vice versa. The great aspect of it is that, upon landing on their website, you are presented with an overview of these two features immediately on the homepage.

Voiser; Source: Voiser 

It is possible for you to input text and choose a character to voice it. This will provide an understanding of the expected outcome. We had a lot of fun trying out the different voices and accents.

Moving to the plans, Voiser presents three types: personal, business, and enterprise. If you consider using this AI voice generation tool for employment purposes, we highly suggest the last two schemes. The quality of sounds and the quantity of alternatives are greatly improved by these strategies.

7. Listnr

Listnr possesses one of the largest collections of AI voices. With more than 900 voices, it provides twice as many choices compared to any other service provider included in this list. The best part is that you can test the voices before you buy a plan.

Listnr; Source: www.listnr.com

You only need to select the AI Voices option from the top part of the web page, and then choose the type of accent that you like. You will be directed to another page with a text editor where your written words can be changed into AI sounds quickly. The transparency that this hands-on experience brings to new customers is truly commendable.

8. Synthesia

Synthesia is a video editor that additionally has language and voice editing tools. Although it's not only for voice artists, it represents one of the best AI utilities for those who create content.

Synthesia; Source: CNBC

Its main unique selling point is the avatar feature. It's not possible for everyone to pay and employ a group of actors for performances. But does that mean that your video won’t have any characters? Absolutely not. With Synthesia, you can have access to more than 140 avatars. They will speak and behave according to your directions.

9. Uberduck

Uberduck is also a well-liked AI tool for generating voice, particularly favored by musicians and rappers. The rap-producing feature it has is quite simple to utilize. You just need to pick a beat that you like, then use AI to make lyrics or write your own, select a voice for the rap, and press download.

Uberduck; Source: www.uberduck.ai

You have the option to download in both sound and visual form, but Uberduck does not allow you to make a video. For this, you need to take the video material into another video editing tool to process it further.

10. KitsAI

KitsAI is specially made for individuals who require a tool to develop their music. Its functions are more concentrated on soundtracks and instruments, such as allowing you to form an instrumental rendition of your own voice.

KitsAI; Source: Techopedia

You have the choice of a cello, drums, guitar, or saxophone. There will also be an audio sample with instruments for you to understand what is expected. The options are endless.

When we talk about voice creation, KitsAI gives you the ability to craft your own special voice. You can select an audio source as per your liking and utilize it to make a personal, unique voice model.


Text-to-speech from AI is simply one more illustration of how the newest AI services are transforming our globe. This carefully selected list highlights the varied functions, advantages, and disadvantages of top-notch instruments. Even if you don't have specialized skills, today you have the ability to use AI power, which has infinite potential. You can create narrations like real life, make your content easier for people to access, or develop engaging podcasts—the choice is yours. The majority of these instruments not only create voice but also permit alterations and precise adjustments. This gives you the advantage of tailoring it based on your listeners or requirements. Every serious digital marketer or content creator should have an AI voice generator in their AI toolkit. Its advantages make it possible for you to create personalized messages on a large scale very quickly.

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