The Best Websites To Promote Your New SaaS Product - Part 2

When you've finished developing and perfecting a SaaS product you are happy with, the next step is to release it to potential customers. This is not as easy as opening the doors of a storefront and inviting customers in.

Saas product promotion; Source: Click Up

In the world of SaaS business, you have to discover a way to digitally convey information to people about your product; therefore, what you're looking for is a virtual marketplace. Such efforts require an intensive product release marketing method that generates interest and qualified leads to your website.

This is the part 2 of our two part series of websites where you can and should launch your Saas product. Do checkout our first post on this, if you have not already.

To stand out, your product launch advertising plan ought to put your software at the forefront of the minds of the key decision-makers who decide the proper audience match for your product. Such an approach needs to include huge marketing plans before and during the launch of your product, as well as a dedicated sales team geared up with a clearly described approach.


Social media platforms are a terrific way to market your startup. They’re also powerful for supporting your search engine optimization strategies. As any content marketer will appreciate, with its precise method, Reddit can send thousands of qualified results to your site. The platform achieves well over a thousand million visits each month.

Reddit; Source: Keyhole

You can’t really promote your SaaS website on Reddit. Reddit isn't a channel that takes kindly to direct advertising. To harness the power of the platform’s huge community, you actually have to be a part of it. Participate in discussions and refrain from sharing hyperlinks to your website for some time. You’ll have to grow to be a trusted user and discover exceptional ways to introduce your website to discussions.

Hacker News

Hacker News is a discussion board for folks who love technology and entrepreneurs. If your SaaS company is serving that type of target market, you’ll need to get involved. It’s short, easy, and free to start engaging with people on Hacker News.

Hacker News; Source: Website Hunt

You can create an account and publish information or bulletins you want to share. Whatever you share has the possibility of reaching a huge part of the 150,000+ Hacker News subscribers. Those subscribers are also surprisingly engaged with the discussion board. Hacker News gets an amazing 13,5 million monthly visits.

When it comes to promoting your website online on Hacker News, you need to deal with the forum like any other social media channel. Become an active user of the platform. Listen to what different users are interested in and sell content that fits the bill. Don’t simply publish any link or ad to advertise your site.

Designer News

If your SaaS product has design aspects, there’s no better place to promote your startup than Designer News. This website is a forum and platform for people within the design network to get together and share ideas.

Designer News; Source: DesignShack

By signing up, you could reach close to 20,000 Designer News subscribers with news of your new organization. Those subscribers help the website achieve over 330,000 website visits every month. What’s more, the platform fosters network engagement so that you can communicate with users who are curious about your platform.


AngelList describes itself as ‘where the world meets startups’. That makes it an obvious candidate for where to promote your startup. The platform is designed to help startups get investment or hire professionals. Even if you no longer need any of these, it’s still a good place to list your Saas product.

AngelList; Source: Medium

You can sign up without any cost. Being active at the site will make you known to people all around the world. In reality, the website receives an extraordinary 5 million monthly visits! If you can get even a fraction of those web page visitors to view your personal website, that’s a large increase in your personal site visitors.

What’s more, AngelList has a social component. Through the platform, you can get in touch with different individuals who can help you promote your new product.


Springwise describes itself as ‘The global source for innovation intelligence’. The website has been sharing ‘innovative thoughts’ with its users since 2002. The website covers all types of niches and industries.

Springwise; Source: Springwise

It’s not easy to get your corporation or your product featured on Springwise. They only post four or five new insights a day. If your SaaS product has a real USP, you might be able to make it work. With over 55,000 monthly visits to the web page, it’s worth a try.

Beta Bound

Before you launch your SaaS product to the market, you need to fix as many of the system faults or errors as possible. Sometimes, you can do that yourself. However, having a team of beta testers report issues to you presents you with valuable extra feedback.

Beta Bound; Source: Beta Bound

Beta Bound is a community of beta testers. You can list your SaaS business enterprise on the website. There are paid and free list offerings available. The web page has traffic of over 100,000 month-to-month visits. A listing will really help get your web page noticed.

BetaTesting (Previously  Erli Bird)

Set up in 2012, BetaTesting was one of the first websites linking startups and beta testers. Originally named Erli Bird, the website certainly captures the worm. Today, the website is home to a network of 150,000 beta testers. That’s a lot of humans to promote your website to.

BetaTesting can cater to Android, iOS, computer websites, and different styles of software applications. It can also put firms in touch with knowledgeable early adopters.

BetaTesting; Source: BetaTesting

Feed My App

In the virtual world, few apps or structures work in absolute isolation. There are hundreds of different apps designed to work with important social media platforms. There are also masses of tools that work with services like Google Analytics.

Feed My App; Source: ChromeInfo Technologies

Another place to promote your startup is perfect if your software program fits that category. Feed My App is an area to showcase your new app. You can put up your app on the website online for just $1.90 and get exposure to this website’s developing customer base. That user base is perhaps not as large as that of some of the other websites, but it’s still a pool of people worth reaching. For a price beginning at $9, you can boost the exposure that your app gets.

Launching Next

Launching Next, which launched in 2013, calls itself "a community of tech startups" and boasts 5,000 startups. It’s easy to get your startup covered on Launching Next. If you pay a one-off $49 price, your organization might be up and viewable as early as one business day. Launching Next also has guides, advice, and different assets for startups.

Launching Next; Source: Geekflare

The Startup Pitch

The Startup Pitch claims to be the first startup directory. You’ll have to create a business pitch, like you would possibly provide to a print publication, to get featured on the site. Your pitch will be reviewed by the editors and published for site visitors to read.

The Startup Pitch; Source: The Startup Pitch

The idea is to give lower-budget startups more exposure. In brief, it’s a high-quality way to sell your startup without denting your bank stability. The website’s visitors aren’t the highest; it’s surely not in Reddit’s league. Users of the website, though, are specifically interested in startups and small groups. is a web service dedicated to showcasing what tech companies are up to. The website aims to be a one-stop-shop for statistics on all varieties of companies in the tech industry.; Source: accelerateagency

If you need to list your product on, you will first want to create an account. Once you have created an account, you can sell your startup on the website. With over 110,000 monthly visits to the web page, it has a sizeable audience you can sell your product.

VentureBeat Profiles

Last but not least, you can promote your startup on VentureBeat Profiles. VentureBeat is a leading channel for tech information and insights. The business enterprise’s Profiles service is similar to

VentureBeat Profiles; Source: Fernando Raymond

Once you’ve signed up, you can create your company’s personal VentureBeat profile. The whole service is free. Users are, however, requested to contribute as many exciting records as possible about their business enterprise. That information is freely searchable with the aid of the website’s sizeable and professional user base.

Launch Your SaaS Product Successfully

Your product release is a vital step that calls for in-depth planning. The best practice is to broaden your product launch method alongside your product; by the time your product is ready to release, your advertising, marketing, and income methods can be, too.

Standing out in a crowded market within the SaaS industry calls for more than a first-rate product; it also calls for marketing and income strategies that attract customers to you. A multi-purpose, diverse product launch plan is a good way to start your new software company off on the right foot.

The critical components of an efficient launch method are focusing on preceding and present-day customers, growing consumer personas to target the right agencies and people, and building comprehensive e-mail advertising campaigns around your new product. Utilizing a product demo video and scaling up your inbound content material advertising and marketing with a focal point on the purchaser journey will yield enormous effects.

The launch of your product is a major milestone that celebrates a substantial success. It should be a time of exhilaration that marks a pivotal moment for your business. Using any of the websites above will ensure you have the right plan to make your product launch as successful as it deserves to be.

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