Top 15 Websites To Launch Your Newly Built SaaS Product

The biggest challenge you face after launching a product, piece of software, or startup business is how to market it. The best thing you can do after your product launch is inform your target audience about your startup or product. While it is possible to advertise them, it will cost you significant money.

Promote your new SaaS Product 

Identifying the best advertising channels can also take time and effort. But by listing your goods or business on widely used platforms worldwide, you can promote them quickly and effectively. Here is a list of 15 websites specifically chosen for launching or listing new products or startups.

This is part one of a two part post. You can find more websites to launch your SaaS in our part 2 here.

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a vibrant community where people share and discuss new technological products. You can use it without a subscription fee. It has one of the most substantial and active beta user communities online. The website is so popular that it receives over 6 million monthly visits. There are few better places on the internet to get immediate exposure for your SaaS product than Product Hunt. You are guaranteed 500+ visitors daily to your site for 3–4 days if your announcement and service spark interest.

Product Hunt 

The best way to capture people's attention is to appear on the front page of Product Hunt. You can only accomplish that if you fully understand the website's functionality. Your product launch needs to be customised to best suit and appeal to the site's visitors.


LinkedIn is an excellent platform for marketing if your SaaS product serves businesses.

While the content on other platforms can be amusing and enjoyable, content posted on LinkedIn can only succeed if it is created with professional audiences in mind.


The benefit of LinkedIn's writing feature is that you can share your opinions on current business trends. As a result, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Additionally, you can use LinkedIn's networking function to build a sizable network of contacts and followers to whom you can distribute promotional materials. You can also use the LinkedIn contacts or email marketing feature for your email marketing campaigns.


Betalist is renowned for being the place to find hot technology startups before they are released to the public. The website introduced popular brands like Pinterest and Nuji. Because of its reputation, the website receives more than 120,000 hits each month.

Betalist Homepage 

For software firms that want to be listed on the website, there are two options:

  • Your free listing will appear on the site within two months of submission, though they only accept free listings more frequently than paid ones.
  • It costs $129 for the fast-track version, which features your startup within 48 hours.

It is worth it in general, though.


Capterra is a directory that receives a lot of traffic and provides product reviews and filtering tools to assist users in finding the ideal product. Capterra, which receives over 1 million visitors monthly, can assist you in lead generation and gathering user feedback. They provide free and pay-per-click plans and are open to B2B and B2C products.


To assist customers in selecting the best software for their requirements, Capterra provides user reviews and research. There are more than 1 million authentic reviews on their site.

As part of a strategy to expand its clientele within the software industry, Gartner bought Capterra for $206.2 million in September 2015. The website includes over 800 software categories for over 50,000 products, offers personalised reviews, and suggests solutions based on your unique needs.

G2 Crowd

Another excellent resource for business software reviews is G2 Crowd. It has various comparison tools (like software grids and search filters) to guide users to the ideal product. They also allow vendors to respond directly to user reviews for free. Unfortunately, this website does not enable B2C products or mobile applications.

G2 Crowd Reviews 

G2 is one of the top SaaS Product Review Websites and is regarded as a reliable tech marketplace where people can discover, assess, and manage the software they need to succeed. You can choose the best service and business software based on 1,778,100+ timely, accurate reviews from real users.

Although it can take up to two years for a review to appear on G2 Crowd due to verification and checks, the company claims that its team is constantly working to remove biassed or fake reviews so that users can make informed decisions by being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the products.

Startup Stash

Startup Stash claims to be the world's largest app and resource directory for techies, startups, and entrepreneurs. You can list your startup here and browse through a carefully curated selection of more than 600 products in 50 categories.

Startup Stash 

The top categories are Payment Processing, accounting, App development, Billing and Invoicing Software, Business Management, Time and Expense, Digital Asset Management, Human Resources, Internal Communications, Agile Project Management, Leadership, Marketing Analytics, Productivity, Remote Work, and Website Builder.

The platform offers hand-selected tools and resources, each with a dedicated page with comprehensive software information.


AppSumo is a marketplace where you can sell digitally distributed goods and online services. This is the ideal platform for SaaS product owners to sell their digital goods at a discount and reach millions of early-stage users.


You can sell business software, WordPress plugins, template libraries, Chrome extensions, eBooks, PDFs, design components, low-code and no-code apps, conference tickets, and more with AppSumo. Businesses can sell apps for operations, content marketing, CRM, SEO, social media, audio/video, media management, visual design, accounting, cloud hosting, security, web analytics, customer support, and surveying here.

This platform enables over 2000 SaaS products to reach 1.25M+ global followers. You can also create and manage specialised marketing campaigns for the international SMB market.


StartupBase is a forum where product creators and early adopters can discuss and exchange the newest goods and concepts. Entrepreneurs can use this platform to introduce themselves, their company, and their products to the community.


Additionally, you can meet other makers, business owners, and investors here. The platform also provides startup owners with extra helpful resources. However, StartupBase only accepts submissions from SaaS, mobile apps, cutting-edge software and hardware, Internet of Things, Google Chrome extensions, and AI project manufacturers.


Launched! is a community where you can showcase your products to beta users and get their product reviews for an effective product launch. To attract investors, you can also list your startups and products here.


You can interact with other community members on this platform and widen your network. This platform provides the most recent startup industry news to keep users up-to-date.


SaaSworthy is a website that connects customers with the tools they need by suggesting the best tech items. After you apply to list your product, the SaaSworthy team of experts conducts all necessary research on the development before listing it on their platform for free.


The website also provides community recommendations, comprehensive product information, and unbiased reviews to increase your sales and attract high-quality leads.

Around 300 different product categories, including CRM, Digital Advertising, E-Commerce, Collaboration & Productivity, Supply Chain & Logistics, Content Management, Development Tools, Marketing, Vertical Industry Software, Marketing Services, IT Management, Financial/Accounting Tools, Project Management, and HR, are available through SaaSworthy.


SideProjects is an online marketplace where you can sell and buy-side projects. If you work full-time but want to sell products from your side business, this should be your go-to platform. This platform's community will also benefit you by providing feedback and growing your small project.


If you want to sell a SaaS product, post it on this website so others can purchase it. This free platform does not charge a commission when you sell a project. You can also submit side projects for product reviews and validation via discussion.


GetApp is one of the best SaaS product review websites for businesses looking for the right product. Customers can quickly compare and contrast software packages using GetApp's free interactive tools and in-depth product information. Using an advanced search feature, you can filter and concentrate your results on a single vendor or enterprise-level software.


GetApp, the largest online business software directory, is the first result on Google when you search for "Product name + reviews." It is not cheap, but if you can afford it, it is a fantastic lead generation tool. Their plans for lead generation campaigns begin at $1,000.

Software Advice

Software Advice is similar to GetApp and Capterra but less intense. While they have many product reviews, their comparison features are somewhat limited compared to the ones listed above.

Software Advice

You can only compare prices between different products. However, they have a decent amount of traffic, with 30,221 reviews on the site. You can list your product for free and pay for their lead generation services.


Crunchbase is a database of investors, venture capital firms, and startups, complete with bios and investment histories. It is a reliable website that can raise your search engine rankings and give some financial background, even though there are better websites for most customers to learn about your business.


Create an account to register. Then, to add your startup, click "Contribute" in the left menu.

Just make sure you have enough money to test it out without endangering the viability of your startup. ROI is ultimately what matters. Both B2B and B2C products are allowed.


SaaSHub is the platform to use if you are looking for an independent marketplace where end users find the best software and product alternatives. Through this website, you can advertise your tools and apps while also enhancing the online visibility of your brand and product.


SaaSHub authenticates each product to guarantee that users only receive the most recent and accurate information regarding the price, logo, description, and other details. Since it is not a part of any affiliate programmes, more users rely on it for an impartial list.

This website's most popular categories include eCommerce, Monitoring Tools, Project Management, Marketing Platform, Productivity, CRM, Email Marketing, ERP, Design Tools, Communication, Note Taking, and Education.


Startup business owners and product developers place the highest priority on increasing brand recognition and product familiarity. You are on the right track to gaining the desired attention of your users if you continue to include raising awareness in your marketing strategy.

There are numerous other websites for amplifying the news of product launches in addition to the platforms mentioned in this article. Also if you found this post useful, don't forget to checkout part 2 of this post here.

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