Search For Text Within Your GTM Tags Content

We love GTM and if you have been using GTM as extensively as us, chances are you have faced this challenge.

GTM has this real time search feature which lets you search your tags by the title you have given them.

GTM Search
GTM Searche

However, if you are searching by some specific content inside your tag content like

  • how many tags have identify call in them
  • which tags refer to the dataLayer variable

alas, this search bar won't be able to help you with that yet.

There is in fact a workaround to it though.

Go To Version History

From the top tab, switch to your account's version history


Export The Latest Version

Now you can export the latest version of your GTM configuration.

Export the Latest version

Search Within JSON File

This will give you a confiuration JSON file, which you can open in your favorite text editor. There is no need to understand the content of the JSON, but now if you search for the required text, you can identify the right Tags with that content.

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