Understanding User Behavior with AI and Instrumentation Data

Many of you asked us this question. Session replays help me understand users better, but really, do I have to watch so many sessions. The question of ROI arises:

Is the Work Involved > the value delivered‌


Working with all of you we learnt that it is hard to find interesting sessions to watch. Even if you have over a 100 sessions a day, its easily beyond the amount of time you can spend on watching sessions.

What is Browsee doing to solve this problem:

We have now started tagging interesting sessions. We process a lot of data and tag them for easy consumption. We give you pointers in advance as to which sessions may be interesting. Let's dive right in. ‌

What are these Tags?

Let us discuss the various tags that we have integrated till now and how these tags can help you to watch targeted sessions. Below is a list of Tags that we have readily available in your session filters.

Let us discuss these in details and a small use case from real world.

Rage Clicks

Definition: Rage Clicks or Frustration Clicks can be explained as when users are frantically clicking somewhere but either the website is not responding or taking a lot of time to respond.

Example: Let us say someone is clicking on "Login" on your website but her account is not there on your website. Somehow, in a release someone messed up with the login form errors and hence there is no way for user to understand that she needs to create an account first as the account is not there yet.

JS Errors

Definition: JS Errors is a much wanted features among developers. The problem that developer face with JS Errors is that sometimes it is very hard to reproduce without understanding what exactly happened. This is where Browsee can help you as you can replay the session and exactly undertsand what went wrong and get the steps of reproduction for your dev team.

Example: Say someone is clicking on the "Login" but a variable name is mistaken and you are getting an error like "Username" not defined etc.

Definition: Any link on your website that is giving a 404 or Page Not Found error. This segment is especially useful for content focussed websites.

Example: Let us say I have mentioned a third party blog link on my website for reference. Often theses links go down or the site goes missing. Now, the users on your website will experience these broken links and their overall experience will suffer. We notify you whenever a user encounters such a link so you can stay on top of this problem.

AJAX - Errors and Slowness

Definition: We also capture the problems with your AJAX calls like slowness and errors like 4xx, 5xx etc. and show you a session as well.

Example: Let us say someone is using your website from 2G internet and facing a lot of slowness because of images or so. If you can identify that a big chunk of your users are facing the same slowness issue, you may consider addressing those Ajax calls.

Repeated URLs

Definition: We tag a session if we see someone is repeatedly coming on the same URL. This usually means that there was something interesting about that page that they had to revisit it.

Example: For a coupon website, we tagged a session where a person kept coming back to listing URL as most of the coupons were not working for him.

Repeated Events

Definiton: We tag a session if someone is clicking on a certain element again and again.

Example: We tagged a session where someone was trying to change the tab. Now, the heading of the tab was not resonating with the content properly and this made the user unsure that whether he clicked on the right tab or did the click even work.


Definition: U-Turn has the same meaning as in driving. Someone, went to a page, realized they made a mistake, and simply turn back to the old page.

Example: For example, you are trying to book a dinner reservation and the website took all your details and then informed that the tables are not available. You will go back again on the list and will try to book a new reservation at a new place. We will capture this kind of user behavior and will tag the session.

Searching for Something

Definition: We also tag a session if user is found to be searching for something for a long time on your website.

Input Field Confusion

Definition: It means we will identify any form field where users are spending a lot of time before typing something. It might mean that either the field name is confusing or they do not intend to give you that information so early in the flow. You can analyze the sessions and make a conclusion basis that.

Example: When you try to book an insurance, sometimes they ask you for phone number and email even without showing a list of policy or so. This makes a lot of users wonder and they spend a good amount of time thinking whether to give it or not. Maybe, the thing to do is to first build trust or first help before asking for personal details. Also, one time we tagged a sessions where someone wrote 'Name/Email' in the field name and a user tried to fill the field as 'xyz/xyz@gmail.com' after spending quite some time.  

Going in Circles

Definition: We also tag a session if your user looks confused and keep doing the same steps in circle.

High Engagement

Definition: So, we have come a long way discussing about the issues that your users face. But, for makers it is also important to understand what features Engaged Users are loving on the website. Browsee also tags Engaged Sessionsto help you identify the most loved pages and features on your website.

Example: This is very relevant for new feature releases as you can easily see the impact of new feature release to your engagement time.

We are building new Tags everyday and we are looking for more suggestions on tags! Do give us any feedback that you may have.

How much is a great User Experience worth to you?

Browsee helps you understand your user's behaviour on your site. It's the next best thing to talking to them.

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