Top 10 AI SEO Tools to Outrank Your Competitors in 2024

Top AI search engine optimization (SEO) tools are very important for the success of your online content. To explain simply, SEO and SEO experts help your website or social pages become a source of useful content. When visitors come to your website, SEO makes them stay longer on each page. It holds their attention while they discover more about the valuable solutions you offer.

Top 10 AI SEO Tools; Source: Themeisle

Information released in 2022 shows that about one-third, or 32.8%, of SEO experts consider on-page elements, such as meta titles and descriptions, to be the most important factors for achieving high ranks on search engines like Google. Moreover, Google has shown its dominance over the market for search engines by having a share of around 83%. Bing is behind at around 9%, and Yahoo is even further behind at 2.55%.

The aspect of SEO is that it needs time for the right setup. Success in creating online content will not happen without proper analytics and audits. You should try different tools to see which one is most effective. Many free and premium tools are available for you to use. To determine which one possesses the characteristics and understandings that can provide your website with the ranking and visibility it requires, you need to try them out. It's also important to consult specialists for advice regarding the latest tools.

The Top 10 AI SEO Tools

1. Jasper

Jasper, a writing assistant located in the cloud and powered by artificial intelligence, can produce top-quality content in different formats. These include blog posts, articles on various topics, textual material for websites, and social media updates. Jasper is highly suitable for search engine optimization applications, as it makes things easy by letting users provide just a topic or keyword to get an array of related ideas generated automatically. After that, users can pick their favorite ideas, and Jasper turns into a helpful tool for composing content.

Jasper; Source: DemandSage

Another characteristic is Jasper's ability to work together with Surfer SEO, allowing an easy combination of better optimization skills. This cooperative energy improves the usefulness of this tool in improving content and making it more visible on search engines. The integration of Surfer SEO in Jasper and its AI-powered content creation make it a very useful tool for publishers who are looking for a simple and good way to create content with an emphasis on SEO.

2. is a tool powered by artificial intelligence for writing content and optimizing SEO. It assists users in producing top-notch content that is optimized for search engines. This one has many functions, like finding keywords, creating content with artificial intelligence, and getting proposals from AI. It also offers an SEO ranking system to guide users in monitoring their advancement and recognizing parts for enhancement.; Source:

A special characteristic is that has the ability to modify the tone of content for various projects, aiding publishers in reaching varied audiences. The platform also hastens the optimization of content by suggesting headlines and titles made by AI that are engaging as well as search engine-friendly.

3. Alli AI

Alli AI gives a solution without coding for easy website optimization and SEO handling. It smoothly combines with any CMS for fast changes in code and content. This central board aids all-inclusive SEO jobs, from the enhancement of websites to keyword examinations, evaluations, and creating backlinks. It possesses AI-supported interlinking that recognizes keywords and easily makes connections to appropriate pages within the online site. 

Alli AI; Source: Siteefy

The installation process is made easier by a code snippet that works well with most of the main content management systems (CMSs). This provides users with an easy way to review and manage SEO suggestions. For instance, there is a feature known as Live Editor that lets you modify and enhance content right from your browser without needing to use the publisher's CMS.

The approval process, which is easy to use, helps with fast rollout, making changes active in just a few minutes. This system that works by pointing and clicking lets its users make many on-page code improvements directly from the control panel. It provides scalability and effectiveness in improving websites. Alli AI is a remarkable platform that offers a smooth and straightforward method to handle large SEO tasks, even with no coding skills needed.

4. NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter is a platform guided by artificial intelligence that has been designed for people who create content and SEO experts. Its purpose is to improve the quality of content and make the process of creating it more efficient. The platform gives you a complete set of tools. It uses a system called natural language processing (NLP) to recommend words and phrases that are often used by high-ranking competitors on Google. This assists in making content with NLP-based suggestions while also dealing with gaps in knowledge.

NeuronWriter; Source: Startup Bonsai

The DRAFT generator enhances productivity by producing content frameworks derived from the top headlines of competitors and pertinent Google inquiries, avoiding the necessity for a thorough investigation.

NeuronWriter, with the help of cutting-edge business language models that are only a few clicks away, allows people to create complete articles in just minutes using AI assistance. This is further enhanced by the presence of built-in AI templates.

5. Diib

Diib provides a simple but powerful solution for businesses. It provides brief analysis, reporting, and visuals to give an easy understanding of performance and insights that can be acted upon. Diib aims for simplicity and makes it easy to automate SEO tasks, making tracking of important SEO keywords and backlinks breezy. It is also useful as users can watch opponents' rankings and changes, resulting in a full view of the competitive environment. 

Diib; Source: all tools ai

To make understanding your website's performance easier, Diib gives out a day-by-day health score that merges 12 metrics into one score evaluating the overall operation of the site.

This instrument is a good choice for enterprises wanting an SEO tool that is simple to operate, cost-effective, and efficient. Its mechanized SEO appliance swiftly detects and corrects problems related to SEO, while its monitoring and analytical capabilities enable businesses to oversee their advancement in terms of SEO performance as well as pinpoint scopes for enhancement. Diib also manages social media presence and tracks website ranking for relevant keywords.

6. Frase

Frase is a lively AI-controlled platform for writing and optimizing content, serving publishers and SEO experts. The most noticeable characteristic is its capacity to produce complete, optimized briefs of content in just seconds through AI. The platform is using AI to suggest title and subtitle concepts. It helps in making SEO-friendly text that comes from particular target search terms.

Frase; Source: LinkedIn

Frase gives you a complete set of tools for SERP analysis (this can also assist with Google News SEO), generating content briefs, and an AI-supported writing assistant. This writing helper speeds up the creation of SEO-friendly content, giving aid for briefs, outlines, introductions, and paragraphs, among other things. Frase is very good at making content better by finding chances to improve what's already there. It suggests adding more keywords, making it easier to read, and solving problems related to SEO.

7. Outranking

can is a tool managed by artificial intelligence for SEO content creation and improvement. It has been made to help people make content that ranks well in search engines. Its uses include researching keywords, making content, and optimizing it on the page. The platform examines and actively improves content. It does this by incorporating absent keywords and offering suggestions according to SEO best practices.

Outranking; Source:

The SEO Writing Assistant enhances the creation of content by producing individualized SEO material in line with specific brand style guides. Superior elements like keyword prioritization and SEO strategy support increasing the competitive edge of content through planned keyword examination.

8. ScaleNut

Scalenut is a strong platform steered by AI for SEO. It's made to give businesses power by automating all the work related to SEO, making management simpler, and supporting growth in being visible online. Scalenut is a tool trusted by over 100,000 marketers worldwide. It helps improve search rankings and generate more revenue through efficient SEO tactics. 

Scalenut; Source: Software Suggest

Scalenut offers features to meet various SEO requirements, such as the creation of content using artificial intelligence, strong auditing capabilities, and editing and optimization tools.

This platform is very good at planning and grouping keywords and fine-tuning content methods. Working together gets better with the ability to share documents, while smooth WordPress interaction lets you publish with one click. A significant characteristic is the cruise mode. It shows a full workflow for creating AI content from beginning to end, increasing the variety of its services.

9. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is a tool for writing SEO, powered by AI, that makes the process of creating SEO content easy through organized dashboards. Its main features are a one-click scan of Google SERP outcomes, and it generates outlines optimized for SEO with headings, keywords, and internal links. The AI writing helper hastens the shift from merely an outline to a 1,500-word blog post in only two minutes.

GrowthBar; Source: FindMyAITool

Blog Builder of 2-Minute provides a function to drag and drop for quick making of posts and SEO optimizations in real-time. It aids in planning content, with lots of keyword suggestions, scores that show difficulty, and insights about competitors. All this data is visually displayed on their dashboard.

GrowthBar is not only about SEO; it also provides tools for chat, product descriptions, and press releases. It brings together different marketing efforts on a single platform.

10. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a combined tool for SEO that helps with keyword research, making content, and optimizing your website. Agencies and writers give high compliments to its content editor because it provides immediate feedback on important features like how often keywords are used, the length of the content, the number of headlines, and so forth. This gives users an understanding of NLP terms, number of words, headings, pictures, and more to make their content flawless.

Surfer SEO; Source: DivbySEO

Surfer SEO also includes Surfer AI. It makes the research, writing, and optimization of content automatic. This tool combines SERP and NLP studies, so users can put out material with confidence that it adheres to superior SEO guidelines. This tool is known for being a full and effective answer for content improvement. It's liked because of its strong content editor and the Surfer AI, which helps to save time.


Many people mistakenly believe that AI will take over their jobs. The truth is that AI has the potential to perform various tasks, which firms have been outsourcing for many years. Individuals ready to employ AI for enhancing work processes and boosting productivity are the ones who will substitute those unable or unwilling to adjust to the future of work encompassing AI.

These AI SEO tools can be the difference between you not getting traffic and being on Google's first page results, seen by relevant users. There are free and paid types of SEO software tools. Each one helps you gain additional traffic, maintain interaction, and enhance the kind of content you can present to your specific audience.

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