The 10 Best Free AI Video Generation Tools to Use in 2024

Video information is getting more and more likes on social media platforms. People prefer video information over text or pictures, as they can understand the main point quickly with videos. Additionally, video content has more potential to interact with audiences, encourage web traffic, and accelerate the conversion process.

The 10 Best Free AI Video Generation Tools; Source: Animotica

Creating a wonderful and appealing video demands a lot of effort, and it requires the producer's expert knowledge and extensive research. For some producers, especially those who are just starting out, making videos can be challenging work.

To attract more viewers and make an excellent video, a growing number of publishers are experimenting with video creation tools. The most popular method for quick and easy video generation involves the use of AI technology. Hence, this article will exhibit the top 10 AI-based video generators.

What is an AI video generator?

A video generator that is AI-based applies artificial intelligence techniques, mainly deep learning and neural networks, for the automatic creation of videos. This process requires model training on large sets of video clips and images to understand patterns, styles, and characteristics in various sorts of videos. After being taught, these AI models can create new videos. They do this by joining together and altering both visual and audio parts.


Video generators with AI can make different sorts of videos. This includes animations, visual effects, deepfakes, and simulations that look very much like real humans. People use them for many things, such as making content or entertainment, marketing products, or designing virtual environments. These machines have great potential to make video production faster and create captivating, lively visual content with less physical work. But their usage brings up moral dilemmas, especially those related to fake technology and the possibility of its abuse.

Top 10 AI Video Generators to Use in 2024

1. Synthesia

This modern platform permits businesses, no matter their size, to modify their training, sales, or support content into interesting videos generated by AI. This offers a more captivating experience for employees and customers than old-style text-based components.

Synthesia; Source:

Using Synthesia Studio, you don't require cameras or film crews. Just choose your avatar, put in your script from any of the 65 languages available, and see how quickly your video becomes lively within a few minutes. Synthesia Studio, apart from removing the requirement for old-style video-making expenses, provides the adaptability to modify or refresh videos with simplicity. It proves itself an evolving resource that helps in adjusting according to modifications in products, rules, or compliance guidelines.

2. HeyGen

Make professional AI videos with no difficulty using HeyGen. Just type, click, and drag, and it is complete! It provides an unmatched degree of customization and individualization. This complimentary AI video creator brags about having more than 100 lifelike AI personalities prepared to be your captivating representative.

HeyGen; Source: Easy With AI

These avatars, who can communicate in more than 40 languages and various accents, are suitable for many purposes. These include marketing promotions, custom sales talks, eLearning activities, and training programs. They also work well in explanatory video guides and how-to videos.

You can say goodbye to costly and lengthy processes like hiring camera crews, video agencies, or actors and actresses. With HeyGen, you have your own personal video studio right in the palm of your hand now!

3. Pictory AI

It converts long sources such as blogs, webinars, podcasts, and white papers into meaningful short videos perfect for sharing on social media. Pictory makes the job of creating content easier by pulling out short video highlights from different places and making brief summaries of blogs and white papers. It can smoothly edit recordings of webinars or demonstration videos via textual transcripts, provide captions for social media videos, and will soon be able to send content to Hootsuite for uncomplicated scheduling on social media.

Pictory; Source: Elegant Themes

With Pictory, modification is an important aspect. You can simply add your brand parts, like the logo, color design, introduction, and conclusion, with a particular action call in all creations. Make your content-producing method smoother using the dynamic and multi-use abilities of Pictory.

4. InVideo

InVideo has more than 5000 distinctive designer templates, a vast library that includes over 9 million premium media items (including iStock), and an array of audios for all moods and genres. InVideo is on the path to reaching its main goal of measurement.

InVideo; Source: Hindustan Times

This free AI-powered video maker has convenient features. It includes an adaptable timeline and a drag-and-drop editor, which simplifies the task of making professional videos directly in the internet browser.

InVideo is dedicated to satisfying users and provides round-the-clock live support. They also have an active Facebook community of more than 26,000 members. The advancement of their product depends on crucial customer feedback because it's designed especially for individuals who earn by making videos.


VEED is recognized as a comprehensive AI video maker specially designed for businesses that desire to enhance their video production skills. It supports making videos at an impressive pace, 30 times faster than customary strategies. VEED provides a set of tools that are easy for users to handle, enabling teams to record high-quality content without difficulty. It also allows smooth editing of videos and automatic transcription of audio.

VEED; Source: Page Flows

It removes the requirement for bulky editing software or outside firms, thereby making expert video creation accessible to all, from business heads to trainees. VEED Enterprise goes one step ahead by allowing instant teamwork, access to a large collection of over 30,000 stock media assets, and effectiveness through personalized templates.

What distinguishes VEED is its collection of AI tools. These are like AI avatars for changing text into video, making subtitles automatically, and immediate background removal in videos and pictures, among others. This makes the production process 10 times more efficient.

6. Deepbrain AI (AI Studios)

Effortlessly, you can make videos with AI! This video-making tool from AI claims to include 99% realistic AI avatars. Making interesting videos is easy. All you have to do is make a script and use their text-to-speech function, and your first AI video can be ready in less than 5 minutes.

Deepbrain AI; Source: FindMyAITool

Deepbrain AI provides support for many languages, removing obstacles for people all around the world. Explore different ready-made video templates suitable for a range of purposes, like training, marketing, and social media content. All these can be easily tailored to your needs using our online video editor without any problem.

No requirement for long training—our easy-to-understand, drag-and-drop setup comes with strong features such as subtitles, backdrops, and music tracks. Select from more than 100 permitted AI icons; each is created to improve your video-making process. With support for over 55 languages, it's now very simple to spread your message worldwide. Improve your content creation using this AI video generator!

7. Synthesys AI Studio

Synthesys is proud to be leading in the creation of advanced technology. They are at the forefront of developing text-to-voiceover and video algorithms for business usage.

Synthesys; Source:

They have strong faith in the future of custom-made content and artificial media. They imagine a society where precious information can be quickly and comfortably exchanged. Their goal is to connect with freelancers, businesses, and different communities, striving to create an environment where exchanging significant content becomes smooth and essential.

8. is a video maker powered by artificial intelligence. It lets you make top-quality videos with digital presenters that can be personalized using only written text. By just writing a script or giving an outline in bullet points, one can create videos within minutes.; Source: aidigitalbox - Quora

This will naturally produce a video that has corresponding audio narration. You have the option to select from many AI avatars and adjust your videos with text overlays, background tunes, and transitions as well. Plus, you can convert your videos into more than 75 languages. is a good resource for making videos that are educational and marketing-related, like explainer videos, showcasing of products, and learning materials.

9. Fliki

Fliki is an advanced, no-cost AI video creator that gives realistic text-to-speech and text-to-video changes. It helps to quickly make audio and video content by applying AI voices in less than a minute.

Fliki; Source: Capterra

Fliki provides users with a wide variety of more than 850 AI voices. It assists in generating voiceovers that are authentic for several uses, such as YouTube, education resources, promotional content, instructional videos, and much more, without any trouble.

10. Runway

You encounter RunwayML, a wonderful zero-cost AI video maker! It's as if you have an artistic force in your hands. This force assists you in conveying your exceptional tales and ideas into existence with some enchantment.

RunwayML; Source: Runway

If you are an artist, filmmaker, or designer, it simplifies your creative work. There’s limitless potential for telling stories visually. RunwayML boasts that the future of creativity is now at your fingertips!


To sum up, video generators powered by AI have made the process of video creation easier. This software allows users to create high-quality videos in a fast manner without needing any knowledge about video editing. Customers have the ability to create videos that align with their brand and requirements using different customizable layouts, library video clips, and music.

Capability for making videos in multiple languages and using avatars to give a personal touch to the final outcome. These instruments are economical and even have free options available. Overall, AI video generators make video creation easy and fast.

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