Browsee Integrates with Hubspot

By turning on Hubspot integration, all Browsee's Sessions will be identified with hubspotutk cookie value. So, you do not need to send us an identify call with any unique identifier for all your users, you can just enable this integration and we will tag all the sessions with HUTK.

By using this integration, you can watch the session for any user before starting a conversation with them. By watching the session recordings, you can easily see why the users dropped or what they are interesting in. This can give powerful insights to your sales executives.

How to Integrate Browsee with Hubspot?

  1. Make sure than you have an account for both Hubspot and Browsee.
  2. Also, you need to have Hubspot tracking code and Browsee's JS snippet integrated on your website.
  3. Once, you have completed step 1 and step 2, please go to Integrations under Setting page where you can enable or disable your Hubspot integration with Browsee with just a button click.
Integrate with Hubspot with just a Button Click

4. Once you have enabled your Hubspot integration for Browsee, you will be able to search or filter the Session Recordings with HUTK. You can now search any HUTK in Browsee session recordings by filtering with HUTK in "Add Filter" >> "User Attributes" >> "UserId".

If you face any issues with our Hubspot integration, you can directly reach to us at

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