10 Best Crazyegg Free Alternatives

Have you been looking for Crazyegg free alternatives that provide comparable high-quality usability testing and allow you to test with real people to find problems with your website, app, designs, or other resources without investing much time or money? Crazy Egg is an analytics tool that monitors and improves website visitors' behavior to enhance user experience, boost conversion rates, and boost revenue.

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If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Crazyegg that offers the same or more benefits, here are 10  Crazyegg free alternatives, including Crazyegg vs Browsee, Crazyegg vs HotJar, and Crazyegg vs Fullstory to help you improve the efficiency of your testing process.

Crazyegg is well-known for its heatmap reports. However, it also assists users in running A/B tests and making design decisions to improve user experience and build websites that consumers will enjoy. Anyone who owns a website can use the tools on the website to learn how users interact with their website, spot problems or areas where users encounter difficulties, and make quick changes to websites that impact revenue. The platform is user-friendly and has many excellent tools and options. Anyone wishing to enhance their website can use their simple, user-friendly testing process.

Why Crazyegg May Not Be Your Best Choice

Although Crazyegg has a sizable user base and has helped many website owners enhance their pages, not all researchers or organizations will find it the best choice. Crazyegg's primary flaw is that it only focuses on website testing. If a business or user needs to test other things, like logos, advertisements, or Figma designs, the platform is not set up to handle those tests. It might be more advantageous for some users to use a platform that offers a wider variety of testing options and allows them to test any area of their organization freely.

Crazyegg vs Browsee

Browsee is a user-experience analytics platform that offers a cost-effective alternative to CrazyEgg, offering advanced features and insights at a starting price of $29. Browsee's automated tags with AI-powered session recordings and heatmaps save up to 95% of analysis time, enabling businesses to identify better user-related information Its prioritized reporting features help focus on important user sessions and ensure customer problems are resolved quickly.

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While CrazyEgg offers A/B testing capabilities, Browsee replaces them with behavioral groups, concept maps, and click distribution insights. The Browsee Chrome extension simplifies the search process by providing real-time analytics when browsing websites.

Crazyegg vs Hotjar

Hotjar is a well-known Crazyegg free alternative analytics tool and a popular choice for many businesses. The typical features are present, such as click maps, scroll tracking, and sessions. So why is it so well-liked? You can use Hotjar to visualize user activity on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

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You can observe how everything changes as users switch between gadgets. Additionally, this solution offers comprehensive learning resources and dependable maintenance. Even if you have never used an analytics tool, you should have no trouble learning this tool.

Crazyegg vs FullStory

FullStory is a product analytics platform for designing ideal virtual experiences. It enables teams to record frustration signals to determine what irritates users and keep them next time. FullStory concentrates on product development despite having session insights comparable to Crazyegg.


FullStory also has a strong journey-mapping feature. It transforms unprocessed data into inviting visualizations illustrating the steps that lead to conversion and where they fail. You can use this data to identify areas of success or difficulty in the design and logic.

Crazyegg vs Lucky Orange

Compared to Crazyegg and many competitors, Lucky Orange offers a wider range of functionality. You can use it to implement live chat customer support and web tracking. You can also allow people to chat whenever needed, invite them to join automatically, provide saved responses, and send an email with a chat transcript.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange also offers customer profiling for advanced visitor research as an alternative to Crazy Egg. You can view a detailed history of all communications with your website, user profiles, and chat logs.

Crazyegg vs VWO

VWO is a platform for web testing and conversion optimization used by businesses that create new products. It offers eight distinct solutions. Use code editors or A/B, split URL, and mobile testing with VWO Testing.

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After that, sign up for VWO Insights to gain access to features similar to Crazy Egg, such as visitor recording and a cross-device heatmap. Other VWO tools work well for analytics, marketing personalization, and targeting. As a result, you must research every option and buy the tool you prefer. But remember that VWO is an expensive option compared to other Crazyegg substitutes.

Crazyegg vs Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric offers analytics capabilities for iterative product design. Simply put, it enables you to continue improving a product after its release. Other Crazy Egg substitutes essentially operate in the same way.

Quantum Metric; Reference: G2 

Quantum Metric also provides experience alerts in addition to behavior monitoring. These are the alerts that the team receives 60 seconds after a crucial event. For instance, it might be a chat alert, annoyance, or a technical problem.

Crazyegg vs Mouseflow

Mouseflow provides behavioral analytics to improve the UX of your website and shares many features with Crazy Egg. For instance, you can watch user behavior on replay to put yourself in the visitors' shoes and observe their navigational habits.


You can also look at maps that show angry or careless movements, clicks, scrolls, and attention. With a free trial and economic plans, it is a cheap analytics tool (an almost Crazyegg free alternative, even) for website owners. So if you are looking for something straightforward, Mouseflow might be one of the best Crazyegg alternatives.

Crazyegg vs Attention Insight

Attention Insight provides artificial intelligence-generated attention analytics to validate your concepts during the design stage. It creates maps using artificial intelligence that show the fields that users have visited. In this manner, you can position the most important components in the most noticeable areas.

Attention Insight

To determine the precise percentage of attention an object receives, you can define an Area of Interest (AOI). Attention Insight assigns a score to the design's clarity on a scale from 1 to 100. As a result, it is a practical method for determining how website changes affect users.

Crazyegg vs Smartlook

Smartlook is another good Crazyegg competitor, but it is better suited for cross-platform analytics. It keeps track of the user's journey and, within a single interface, compares data from different platforms. It can be helpful if you also have a mobile app and want to see in-app user behavior.


When you gather data from all devices and combine it, you get a much clearer picture. Potential customers of Smartlook receive a one-on-one demo and a free trial. They can then schedule a call to find out how Smartlook improves performance.

Crazyegg vs Microsoft Clarity

The final alternative to Crazy Egg is Microsoft Clarity. It is a free tool made to give website owners visitor recordings and heat maps, making it one of the best Crazyegg free alternatives. Clarity also integrates with Google Analytics, enabling you to view recordings for specific Google Analytics segments and access all of your data in one location. To get pertinent information about any page you are on, install this tool as a browser extension.

Microsoft Clarity


After learning about each platform's features, advantages, and offerings, Browsee stands out as the top pick. Compared to Crazyegg pricing, the tool is more affordable, quicker, and user-friendly. Although both platforms provide excellent service, Browsee has all the advantages with fewer drawbacks and stronger testing.
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