Open-source Javascript Saas Boilerplates

When you have a big idea and begin working on it from scratch, you experience a rush of excitement. It’s extremely good to work on a new idea, but rather than focusing on what makes your product unique, you first need to put in the hours to work on things that are less interesting: configuring a project, building authentication flows, integrating payments, building forms, and so forth.

If you need to launch faster, there are some things you might want to consider. You probably need to apply a web framework to increase the development rate. Nobody builds their SaaS with just JavaScript code. You'd rather use a framework like Node.js. And the same goes for styling your app. Instead of writing all of the CSS yourself, you can use a framework like Bootstrap, Material, or Tailwind. But in case you need to save a whole lot of time, you should begin with a SaaS boilerplate.

A SaaS boilerplate consists of several functionalities that take a whole lot of time to build yourself. Examples are authentication or billing. These are features that every SaaS must have, so why build them all yourself?

What is a starter or a boilerplate?

A boilerplate project, or starter, is packed with software with the primary functions of a framework or a programming language. The primary goal for a starter is to save developers time and decrease the cost of repeating the same development duties and code blocks time and again.

Advantages of Using a Boilerplate or a Starter

The starter project frequently comes with the usual features of the software. It reduces the cost of development and offers a common workflow with development tools, starter configurations, and documentation.

There are numerous reasons to use SaaS starter kits:

  • They allow you to cut boring, common functions out of your development time and keep your budget only committed to the important things in your product.
  • You can reduce your time to promote; whether you’re constructing your own product or for a client, the boilerplate helps you accelerate your development.
  • SaaS boilerplate can easily be extended, which permits you to dynamically scale your app architecture.
  • You can reduce complexity and repetitive tasks and provide out-of-the-box common features that every SaaS needs.

You should launch your SaaS quickly so you can get feedback as quickly as possible. To do this, starting out with a boilerplate or starter kit can save you lots of time. Here is a list of the best Javascript SaaS boilerplates that could help you build your SaaS faster.

Looking for an affordable way to begin your SaaS project quickly? A strong SaaS boilerplate was constructed using MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js.


MERNKit SaaS boilerplate consists of all important features and some more. It was built to be cloud provider-agnostic handle authentication, subscription management, and user control, and offer a smooth, extensible UI constructed on React and Material-UI. 

Saas UI (Next.js)

For creating SaaS apps, the SaaS UI is an open-source library of React components available under the MIT license. At first, it was based on the Chakra UI and written completely in TypeScript.

SaaS UI; Source:

It comes in two versions; the open-source free version and the pro one, which gives more support and more SaaS components for billing, onboarding, sign-up flows, AIM implementation, and more. The pro version also comes with a full Electron boilerplate that makes use of Next.js

Rocket App 

Rocket is a SaaS boilerplate for developing apps that are ready for production with Node.Js, React, and MongoDB. The app comes with capabilities that include authentication, payments, teams, UI, Docker support, and more. Rocket is a production-ready Node.js React boilerplate that can be custom-designed to fit your SaaS app.

Rocket App; Source: GitHub

The codebase comes with build-and-run scripts and documentation to help you launch right away. The code is based on a modular style, which makes it easy to understand and navigate. Also, including new capabilities and UI elements is a great deal easier by using the basic building blocks.


Pankod is a free open-source Next.js boilerplate for developing scalable, rich apps. Pankod focuses on overall performance, and it comes with Redux, TypeScript, Express.js, Sass support, and CLI tools. It additionally offers a Storybook tool for building interactive UI components with React.

Pankod; Source: GitHub

Enterprise-prepared SaaS Starter Kit.

The SaaS Starter Kit is a Next.Js-based boilerplate for startups and software program developers to quickly begin constructing their SaaS products. With pre-configured elements and pages, an authentication machine, and price integration. Contributions make the open-source network an incredible place to encourage, learn, and create. Any contributions are substantially favored by the entire community.

Enterprise-prepared SaaS Starter Kit; Source: Enterprise SaaS Starter Kit


Nextacular is an open-source starter package that will help you construct full-stack and multi-tenant SaaS platforms effectively and assist you in growing your core SaaS capabilities. It is built on top of famous and modern technology consisting of Next JS, Tailwind, Prisma, and Stripe. 

Nextacular; Source: GitHub

It's designed to assist marketers, managing directors, and software developers to quickly and easily construct their SaaS products with the aid of pre-configured common features. With Nextacular, developers can focus on building particular features that make their product stand out.

SaaS Boilerplate by Async Labs

This SaaS Boilerplate is an open-source project of Async-Labs. It is built using React and MongoDB. Unlike other boilerplates, the SaaS boilerplate helps team growth and management, alongside a rice consumer and purchaser management system. 

SaaS Boilerplate by Async Labs; Source: SaaS Starters list

The default SaaS price and subscription module use Stripe in the backend. It supports server-side rendering for instant loading and better search engine marketing, Amazon AWS S3 for data management, Mailchamp for e-mail operations and newsletters, WebSocket with, and comes with a custom logger.

Graphile Starter (Next.Js)

Graphile Starter is an opinionated SaaS quick-start template with a pre-constructed user account and enterprise machine for full-stack application development in React and Node. Js, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL. It is powered via PostGraphile, TypeScript, Apollo Client, Graphile Worker, Graphile Migrate, GraphQL Code Generator, Ant Design, and Next.Js.

Graphile Starter (Next.Js); Source: GitHub

The front-end uses the AntD layout framework to boost development. The whole stack is written in TypeScript, with automatically generated GraphQL types and operations going to the Graphql code generator.


Using an open-source SaaS boilerplate or an off-the-shelf template reduces the cost of constructing a SaaS platform from scratch. Furthermore, the majority of solutions include all the fundamental structures required by any developer.

However, every project has its own functions and settings, so you have to evaluate the necessities of your project and the preferred technology stack of the starter kit before deciding on the right one for your project.

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