Integrating GA4 with Other Tools and Platforms

Online businesses consider Marketing a top priority in relation to growing Sales and revenue. To tackle the increasing competition, organizations use many tools to smartly run their Marketing Campaigns. Google Analytics has changed the entire way we deal with Marketing and Sales. With the new GA4 Google Analytics property, a substantial change can be seen in the manner in which customers are tracked throughout the organization’s website.

Integrating GA4 with Other Tools and Platforms; Source: GA4 Experts 

With the growth in site visitors and the information age on cell gadgets and different structures, it has become difficult for businesses to track site visitors on apps and software. The previous era of Google Analytics was well suited to monitoring site visitors on web sites. GA4 solved this problem with its “Web App” property to track visitors across numerous systems. It also added many capabilities that assist companies in developing quicker and growing their ROAS (Return on Ads Spend). ROAS is a Marketing metric that measures the amount of sales earned on every dollar spent on commercials.

Google Analytics helps Marketers and enterprise owners track visitor activities on their websites and optimize their market as a result. Most organizations that used the previous generation of Google Analytics want their websites and apps tracked with GA4. In this newsletter, you may learn about Google Analytics and GA4. You can even see the way to combine GA4 with Google Analytics and its benefits.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

GA4 stands for Google Analytics 4, which is the new era of Google Analytics. It’s the extension of the “Web App” belongings released by Google in 2017. Previously, Google Analytics was only able to tackle traffic from Web browsers. The increasing site visitors and data generated from cell gadgets go undetected. With the help of GA4 Google Analytics, users can without difficulty monitor their website and app visitors as well.

GA4 Integrations

Let’s check out a number of the most effective and useful integrations for GA4 that allow entrepreneurs to not simply examine facts but act on them! For instance: User segmentation, audience introduction, remarketing, A/B testing, personalization, and more!

GA4 Integrations; Source: Reporting Ninja

Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 is a platform much like Google Ads, but it lets entrepreneurs run their commercials not only across more than one channel but also across various search engines like Google. Hence, this tool is a must-have in case you need to run upscale search marketing campaigns.

The platform offers an optimized workflow and strong reporting capabilities that permit customers to run ad campaigns smoothly and efficiently while making sure its automatic bidding capabilities bring about stepped-forward ad campaign overall performance. Built-in integration allows shoppers to track and manipulate digital campaigns across a single platform, enabling cross-channel buying, attribution, and reporting.

Linking your GA4 property to SA360 has a whole lot of blessings, including that Analytics exports audiences and conversions, Search Ads marketing campaigns and cost facts are imported to Analytics, and site engagement metrics are available in SA360 reviews.

Google BigQuery

BigQuery is a completely managed Google Cloud facts warehouse that permits customers to manipulate and examine big statistics with the assistance of powerful integrated equipment like machine learning, business intelligence, statistical technological know-how, and geospatial evaluation.

Google BigQuery; Source: Scandiweb

A tremendous benefit of GA4 is the capability to export uncooked, unsampled records to BQ at no cost. BQ makes superior data manipulation feasible and is first-rate at fixing fact integration troubles and cross-platform statistics. By integrating GA4 with BQ, you can seamlessly pass  granular statistics from GA4 to BQ so that you can examine the information any way you need, hold historical statistics for as long as you need, and produce other factual resources to augment your net analytics.

Search Console

Search Console is a free platform offered by Google that lets users display various intensity metrics that are associated with your website’s performance and presence inside the Google search results pages. Through this device, entrepreneurs can monitor their keyword performance, determine website visitors, troubleshoot problems, and acquire messages from Google associated with their internet site.

Search Console; Source: Analytics Boosters

The device is worthwhile on the subject of getting insights on how your internet site is performing in organic search and what adjustments to make to it inside the Google index. This is mainly useful for SEO functions, as it may help groups discover diverse methods to boost performance, find out about the gaps in their approach, learn the way and from where people are coming to their website, and enable them to create a marketing approach that may catapult the website to the pinnacle of the SERPs. Once you’ve related GA4 to Search Console, you’ll be able to know how your internet site is performing in organic search results on Google.

Google Ads Manager is an enterprise-grade platform that permits publishers to display and manage advertisements on their websites or apps. Ads Manager offers great management and supports multiple ad networks, including AdSense, AdExchange, and hundreds of 1/3-party networks and exchanges.

Google Ads Manager Source: Optimize Smart

When you link your Ad Manager network with a GA4 property, your Analytics App and internet information from that property become available in your Ad Manager reviews. Viewing and gathering reports on facts regarding app monetization and behavioral information from Google Analytics 4 allows advertisers to similarly tune the patron experience and offer deeper audience insights.

Google Optimize

Optimize is a strong A/B checking tool that lets entrepreneurs check distinct variations of internet pages and spot which one performs best in opposition to the goals that they have set. The device monitors the end result of the study and permits entrepreneurs to determine which model has the capacity to perform the study.

Google Optimize; Source: Analytics booster

By using Optimize, you can check new internet site designs, content material, and layout with a visitor subset. Instead of relying on arbitrary critiques and instincts to determine the best page or layout, Optimize allows you to run a simple test with actual-world customers and get consequences that are easy to understand. The local GA4 and Optimize integration permits deeper evaluation in GA4. Because of this, you may dig right into a check’s performance and how it impacted user behavior throughout your app or website.

Google Ads became one of the first actual Google products to have integration capabilities with GA4. The device is the sector’s most popular advertising and marketing device and has a symbiotic relationship with GA; it is built to get ad metrics and reporting from Google Ads to Google Analytics and send audiences and conversions from Google Analytics to Google Ads.

Importing your GA4 conversion information into Google Ads enables you to spot GA conversion facts in Google Ads and gives the Smart Bidding characteristic access to greater information about how users engage with your website online. This information can lower advertising costs and boost conversions.

Google Ads; Source: Alpha Efficiency

Display and Video 360

Display and Video 360 is a programmatic advertising and marketing platform that permits entrepreneurs to place bids on display ad placement on the writer’s website. The device allows entrepreneurs to lay out creatives, organize target market facts, optimize ad campaigns, and purchase stock.

Integrating GA4 with DV360 enables a few very powerful use cases:

  • You can define excessive fee audiences using GA4’s analysis tools and then ship those audiences to DV360 for customized targeting.
  • You’ll be able to target low-cost audiences and suppress them from DV360 campaigns to optimize budgets.
  • You can export conversions to DV360 and then use custom bidding scripts based on GA conversions.

Setting Up GA4 Google Analytics Integration

Now that you understand the various Google Analytics integrations, in this phase, you'll see how to integrate GA4 with Google Analytics. Here, you will go through the steps to link GA4 assets with your present Universal Analytics assets in Google Analytics.

Setting Up GA4 Google Analytics Integration; Source: Hevo data 

Firstly, let’s understand why you can’t upgrade the prevailing Universal Analytics property to the GA4 Google Analytics assets. This is because both those homes contain different entities. The previous technology worked on hits, while GA4 makes a specialty of occasions and tracks without cookies. The following steps for GA4 Google Analytics Integration are shown below:

  • Login to your Google Analytics account right here.
  • Go to the “Admin” panel placed at the lowest left corner of the facet navigation bar.
  • Choose the perfect “Account” and its applicable Universal Analytics “Property” to which you need to feature GA4 Google Analytics belongings. Under the “Property” column, click on “GA4 Setup Assistant” to initialize GA4 Google Analytics Integration.
  • Here, it will display that GA4 Google Analytics is “Not Connected” to your private home. Click on the “Get Started” button to create new GA4 Google Analytics assets.
  • A new pop-up will offer you a top-level view of all of the changes that will arise after creating the GA4 property.
  • Now, click on the “Create Property” button, confirming that you want to create a new GA4 property. Now, it's going to show “Connected” in green, which suggests the GA4 Google Analytics property was created successfully.
  • Creating new GA4 property will neither have an effect on the Universal Analytics belongings nor populate the GA4 Google Analytics assets with historic site visitor facts.
  • You can continually disconnect from your own home by choosing the “Disconnect” button. Now, click on “See your GA4 property” to explore the features and configurations.

Congrats, you have finished GA4 Google Analytics Integration. You can also read about setting up GA4 Events in our previous post here.

Benefits of GA4 Google Analytics Integration

The release of GA4 has modified lots of tracking records and is still in progress. It solves the problems that the previous technology of Google Analytics was not able to solve. Google Analytics 4 has a plethora of benefits. A few of them are listed below.

Predictive Analytics

GA4 Google Analytics lets you be aware of the enterprise and examine facts for you. With its Machine Learning techniques, it automatically generates insights from the information and predicts the opportunity of an occasion. It permits you to recognize the probability of the number of users who will purchase your product or services within the subsequent five or seven days.

Focused User Journey

GA4 Google Analytics permits you to tune visitors across numerous structures and provide a unified view of the overall interaction of a traveler with your assets, which include websites and apps. It can track a user who is surfing merchandise on your enterprise website after checking out of your app. Google Analytics 4 gives a complete picture of a purchaser from start to conversion.

Quick Debugging

The DebugView supplied through GA4 Google Analytics enables customers to save a lot of time. It lets customers debug the running of GA4 across their website and app within minutes. Previously, on occasion, it took days to debug the running of code. Google Analytics 4 provides real-time comment reviews that make all the paintings faster.

Advanced Reporting

Reporting is one of the core functions of any Data Analytics tool. GA4 Google Analytics is more person-centric and helps you create complicated reviews and visualizations with simple drag-and-drop features. You can select many dimensions of statistics based on different metrics to generate sharable reviews.


Since the introduction of Universal Analytics, the advertising and marketing industries have advanced. Today's advertising and marketing take place in a cross-platform context. Google Analytics 4 is in line with the dynamically changing digital environment. It is more potent than UA and offers you more unique and pertinent facts about their customers' online and app usage. Integrating GA4 with your statistics warehouse gives you a whole move-channel photograph of user behavior on the net and in-app structures.

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