How to automatically identify Broken Links on my website?

A long term growth hack is to write resonable quality content from time to time. Your YOY growth will eventually rely on your content strategy especially if you do not have a humongous amount of funds for Google and Facebook ads.

What is a Broken Link?

While writing content, you often link your piece of article with a third party link. For example, if I am writing a blog on "How to Integrate Google Analytics JS on your website", it will contain a few link pointing to Google Analytics site. Now, sometimes, a third party link is moved to other link or gets removed in which case the link that was given by you in your article will start giving a 404. Those links are still live on your content pages or website but there is no way for you to know that these third party links are not active anymore. I often hear this problem from website or content owners and surprisingly there is not a single tool in the market to cater this issue.

We have realized that often users do not complain about these small issues but it certainly affects your website's reputation. Always remember there is a competitor somewhere who is always trying to overpower you and sometimes even a small of a mistake can cause a lot of damage. So, the question to be asked here is what can I do as a website owner? In response to which I will tell you How Browsee can help you here!

How Browsee can help you?

With Browsee, you will get an alert as soon as the first user hits any of your broken links from third party. You do not need any manual testing to identify a broken link on your pages anymore. With just a snippet integration, you will get an alert for broken third party links.

Browsee is a tool for websites to uncover UX issues like errors, bugs, broken links, slowness or boredom, with just a JS pixel integration.

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How much is a great User Experience worth to you?

Browsee helps you understand your user's behaviour on your site. It's the next best thing to talking to them.

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