Hotjar vs Browsee

Many people are interested in finding out the best heat mapping tool and how to gather data quickly. Hotjar and Browsee are the best digital marketing tools available due to their popularity as tools that provide Browsee heatmap and Hotjar heatmap reports and user session recordings.

Users have difficulty deciding between the two independently, though, as they have few differences. That is the reason we are here. Continue reading to learn which Hotjar vs Browsee heat mapping software is the superior choice and, ultimately, to decide which would be the better conversion tool for your website.


Browsee enables you to discover fascinating user sessions and insights with the aid of AI. It notifies you when the user experience suffers so you can stay on top of customer service and support issues.


Browsee is a centralized solution for your website if you want to improve your product and user engagement metrics. It helps websites understand their users, how they interact with the product, and how to guide them toward a goal best. With just a snippet of integration, Browsee provides session replays, thorough session filtering, heatmaps, page stories, errors, and slow AJAX reporting.

Product developers do not always have the time to watch every user session. You can access cumulative insights from sessions using AI, thanks to Browsee. If the user experience is compromised, they also send an alert. For instance, if they are frantically clicking or switching between URLs, etc.


Hotjar is an all-in-one platform for digital experience insights. You have all the information and tools you need to fully comprehend your users' actions and produce memorable experiences that produce results. Through interviews, behavioral insights, and regular feedback, get to know your users at every stage of their journey.

Hotjar; Source: Hotjar

Browsee features


The following are the features that Browsee provides:


Browsee gives you a complete picture of what is occurring on your pages compared to the Hotjar heatmap tool. Browsee categorizes user behavior into various clusters. You can learn what the users who are leaving and the ones who convert usually do.

You can learn a ton about how your users interact with your site from Browsee's heat maps, which are clear and informative. It provides scroll heatmaps, click heatmaps, and attention maps to show where users are most and least engaged.

In Browsee, you can also compare heatmaps side by side for a selected period to see how user interactions with your site have changed over time due to adjustments to the site's content or other factors.

Heatmap; Source: Browsee

Session recording

You can see how users interact with your website or mobile app using session recording tools. This Browsee feature analyzes user behavior, reveals usability problems, and pinpoints areas for development. You can determine the friction and user pain points by playing back the session recording on your website. This tool will provide you with the issues to work on to improve, which is necessary for growth.

Session Recording 

User Segmentation

The function that enables a business to categorize its users into different groups is called user segmentation. Their traits, demographics, behaviors, and interests are used to differentiate them. Using this Browsee feature will help you better understand your customers and deliver content that they can relate to.


Funnel analysis

With Browsee, you can build and analyze conversion funnels to better understand user behavior during particular user flows. The user journey can be optimized, drop-off points can be found, and conversion rates can be raised. You can identify the areas causing user annoyance or abandonment using funnel analysis.

Browser funnels

Cross-device tracking

A user accesses a website using a variety of gadgets, including tablets, laptops, and smartphones. With Browsee's cross-device tracking feature, you can keep tabs on your users across all platforms. Thanks to the feature, you can better understand your users, which will also increase conversion rates. For instance, how they use the websites on their various devices.

Cross-device tracking; Source: MonsterInsights

Feedback and widgets feature

Another Browsee feature is the feedback and widgets feature, designed to amplify user engagement. With various templates and subject matters, you can easily create attractive Feedback, Notifications, and Lead Forms. Tailor those notifications using language, color, and fonts to seamlessly integrate with your website's layout, improving consumer revelry and interplay. Elevate your website's engagement with Browsee's Designer Notifications.

Feedback and widgets feature

Website Performance

Browsee keeps you updated on your key pages' performance and end users' performance. We measure Chrome Core Vitals across end-user browsers and present you with a detailed analysis so you can stay informed about the page's performance.

Page performance

Hotjar vs Browsee Features

Hotjar features

Hotjar; Source: E-Commerce Nation

The following are the features that Hotjar provides:


You can determine which page elements are drawing users' attention by using Hotjar heatmaps. Hotjar heatmaps track where users scroll or click on each page and their mouse movements.

The software collects information based on how users interact with your website across all devices and visually displays it. The customer journey can be improved by analyzing this data to determine where page elements, layout, or content changes are needed.

You can also distribute this information to other team members for additional analysis. Putting corrective measures in place will enhance your sales funnels and develop landing pages or websites with high conversion rates.

The Hotjar heatmap feature informs you:

  • If a user has trouble locating a certain feature
  • If important components of your website are inaccessible
  • If visitors do not scroll to important sections
  • Whenever users click your CTA
  • If a particular function is confusing your users

Hotjar anonymously monitors user behavior. However, you will never learn their names or anything else that could be used to identify them. Instead, you can see how visitors navigate your website and where they spend the most time. In this manner, Hotjar for apps preserves user privacy while providing you with the data you require to enhance your web application.

Visitor recordings

How do you check to see if your website is operating properly? The visitor recordings will inform you. You can use this feature to observe mouse movements during actual user sessions, including clicks and scrolls. With this knowledge, you can spot and resolve usability problems to reduce future hassles.

You can see what happens during visitor sessions by watching video recordings. The replay sessions feature can identify specific issues on particular pages or across various websites. Hotjar also makes it simple to download or share session recordings along with their associated metadata as a CSV or XLSX file.

You can also make notes on visitor recordings, share them with your team, and offer feedback to improve collaboration while working on the same project. Hotjar Mobile provides up to a year of data retention. If you want to keep track of activity on your website for a long time, this is a good option.

Conversion funnels

Using funnel testing, you can determine how simple it is for your users to complete the checkout process on an e-commerce site. You can see which page elements are more or less effective and where users leave your landing page or website. You are also succeeding independently by assisting your users in achieving their goals.

A/B testing your landing pages, websites, and conversion funnels is one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. You can use A/B testing to determine your product or service's most effective components. Data will assist you in optimizing your landing page or website to encourage more visitors to subscribe to your email list, purchase your goods or services, or carry out any other action you desire.

Form Analytics

The first step in solving a problem is always to identify it. Hotjar's conversion rate optimization platform includes form analytics, so you can see how your potential leads interact with your forms, how long it takes for them to be filled out, and where problems are occurring that result in a lower conversion rate. Hotjar will give you a basic visual report and information on successful or unsuccessful submissions with its form analysis feature.

With Hotjar Mobile, you cannot delve further into your form data. Hotjar's lack of detailed form analysis and inability to split data by date ranges are two drawbacks. You must use more sophisticated analytics tools if you require this data.

Incoming Feedback

Any project needs feedback, but getting it can occasionally be challenging. Because of this, it is critical to always be reachable by your users.

To enable users to express their opinions in real-time on your website, you can embed Hotjar’s incoming feedback widget. You will gain insight into their experiences using your web application thanks to Hotjar for apps.

Receiving feedback will enable you to gather useful information about how visitors interact with your website, what triggers a response, and what they ignore. This information can enhance your conversion funnels and raise your conversion rates.

Hotjar pricing vs Browsee pricing

Browsee Pricing

Below are the various Browsee pricing plans:

  • Starting price: $19.00/month
  • Plus: $49/month
  • Pro: $103/month
  • Executive: $239/month
  • Free version: Available
  • Free trial: Available

This pricing, while correct as of the writing of this blog, is subject

to change. Please see for the most up-to-date pricing.

Hotjar pricing

Below are the various Hotjar pricing plans:

  • Starting Price: $32.00/month
  • Business: $80.00/month
  • Scale: $171.00/month
  • Free Version: Available
  • Free trial: Available


It is difficult to decide which tool—Hotjar vs Browsee—should be used. Both have amazing features that cater to various marketers and website owners differently. Smartlook is also a worthy competitor.

To choose a better website and conversion rate optimization solution, evaluate your goals to help you learn what your users want and need, how frequently they interact with your website, and with what enthusiasm. Any of these tools will allow you to see this information on your website.
Depending on your requirements, either the Hotjar heatmap or Browsee heatmap provides you with an amazing experience. Browsee is more affordable, has more pricing options, and offers more features and integrations than Hotjar. Also, Browsee assists you in improving opt-in forms and landing pages, resolving user experience issues, and boosting conversions, customer loyalty, and sales.

How much is a great User Experience worth to you?

Browsee helps you understand your user's behaviour on your site. It's the next best thing to talking to them.

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