Browsee vs OpenReplay- which is a better tool for session recording & heatmaps

When it comes to effective session recording and heatmap tools, Browsee and OpenReplay stand out as sturdy contenders. Browsee presents a effortless interface and strong analytics for in-depth session insights. On the different hand, OpenReplay offers huge technical metrics for thorough analysis.

While Browsee excels in its simplicity, OpenReplay shines in its complete facts approach. Choosing between the two relies upon on your priorities - Browsee for ease of use, or OpenReplay for a greater targeted technical perspective.


Browsee, a main session recording, and heatmap tool, revolutionizes consumer journey analysis. Browsee unveils consumer interactions, ache points, and optimization possibilities with its special session replays and insightful heatmaps. Its superior filtering empowers corporations to pinpoint particular person journeys for a complete examination.

Browsee Interface

Real-time insights provide the potential to beautify person delight and conversion rates. Browsee's user-centric method helps prioritize enhancements effectively. With an intuitive interface and actionable data, Browsee emerges as a precious answer for groups aiming to raise their digital experiences by using gaining a deeper perception of person conduct and refining their on-line structures accordingly.


OpenReplay is a trendy software program device designed to beautify person journey analysis. OpenReplay approves builders and product groups to recognize how customers engage with their applications, perceive bugs, and optimize overall performance by way of recording and replaying net sessions.

OpenReplay Interface

Its session replay characteristic lets groups view consumer interactions, such as clicks, scrolls, and structure inputs, supporting to pinpoint problems and enhance usability. With privateness in mind, OpenReplay presents selections to masks touchy data. This device is valuable in comprehending consumer behavior, iterating on designs, and refining digital experiences, contributing to extra sturdy and user-centric internet applications.

What is Session Recording

Session Recording: Browsee

A session replay device information and performs again a visitor's interactions with a internet site or application. It is used to analyse consumer experience. It files mouse movements, clicks, scrolling, and keystrokes, letting corporations to see and apprehend how their digital structures are used. Session replay presents beneficial insights into person behaviour, supporting businesses in figuring out problems, enhancing internet site usability, and enhancing the average person experience.

Benefits of Session recording

Here, are the benefits of using Session Recording

Insights on User Behaviour:

Discover how customers traverse your internet site or app in actual time, discovering ache factors and areas of misunderstanding.

Detecting Pain-points:

Detect technical flaws, faults, and uncommon behaviours that customers come across in the course of their sessions.

Improvizng Customer Experience:

Improve the consumer interface and float primarily based on genuine observations of consumer interactions.

Conversion Optimisation:

Analyse consumer drop-offs in order to make focused upgrades to extend conversion rates.


Tailor consumer experiences through gaining knowledge of about their interactions and preferences.

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

Using concrete person behaviour data, make skilled adjustments to your digital platform.

What are Heatmaps?

Heatmaps: Browsee

Heatmaps are visible representations of consumer things to do on a internet site or app that exhibit the place customers most regularly click, scroll, or hover. Heatmaps hire shade gradients to spotlight excessive and low engagement areas, helping organizations in grasp person behaviour, optimising homepage layouts, and enhancing consumer experiences via focusing on the most applicable and enticing components.

Benefits of Heatmap

Here, are the benefits of using Heatmaps:

Visual Insight:

Visually apprehend person interplay patterns and behaviour.

Click Analysis:

Determine which components are regularly clicked and which are not noted by means of users.

Scroll Tracking:

Determine how a ways customers scroll on webpages in order to optimise content material placement.

Enhancing User Experience:

Enhance the person journey through optimising graph and sketch primarily based on real-world person interactions.

Optimizing Conversion Rate:

Conversion optimisation is the procedure of figuring out conversion bottlenecks and refining methods to gain higher results.

Engagement Analysis:

Determine person hobby and adapt content material to preserve customers engaged.

Features of Browsee

Below are the special elements and advantages of the Browsee as an analytics tool:

Session Recording:

Session recording equipment will divulge how customers engage with your internet site or cellular app. This Browsee characteristic analyses person behaviour, finds usability difficulties, and identifies possibilities for development. By repeating the session pictures on your website, you may additionally notice the user's ache areas and friction.

Session Recording Sample: Browsee


Browsee's heatmaps permit you to visualise consumer engagement and behaviour traits on your net pages. These visualisations exhibit the place customers click, scroll, and spend the most time on your website, imparting precious data for optimising the sketch and design.

Conversion Funnels:

Browsee's conversion funnel evaluation permits you to hint person journeys and notice conversion drop-off points. This performance pinpoints the place customers exit their sessions, permitting you to make focused changes to maximize conversion rates.

Customer Pain-points: Browsee

Segmentation and Filters:

Browsee permits you to segregate your facts primarily based on quite a few traits such as gadget kind, site visitors source, and consumer behaviour. This function permits you to analyse specific person agencies independently and make data-driven selections to enhance their experience.

Real-Time Analytics:

Browsee gives real-time analytics, permitting you to song consumer behaviour as it occurs. This instantaneous comments permits you to reply unexpectedly to any difficulties or possibilities that arise, thereby enhancing the performance of your website.

User Flow Analysis:

Browsee's consumer drift evaluation feature approves you to visualize users' travels round your website. This expertise assists you in optimizing the consumer journey, lowering drop-offs, and growing standard person happiness.

Features of OpenReplay

Session replay:

OpenReplay lets you see how customers have interaction with your internet site or app in real-time or recorded. This can assist you become aware of person trip troubles and music bugs.

Session Replay: OpenReplay


OpenReplay creates heatmaps that exhibit you the place customers are clicking and scrolling on your internet site or app. This can assist you perceive areas of your internet site or app that are most famous or most problematic.

Funnel analysis:

OpenReplay helps you song customers as they pass thru your internet site or app, so you can pick out areas the place they are shedding off.


OpenReplay presents you with the full context of a user's session, which includes community activity, JS errors, save actions/state and 40+ metrics. This can assist you reproduce bugs and recognize overall performance issues.


OpenReplay helps you guide your customers by using seeing their stay display screen and immediately hopping on name (WebRTC) with them barring requiring any 3rd-party display screen sharing software

Performance monitoring:

OpenReplay helps you reveal imperative slow-downs, CPU / reminiscence usage, crashes, rendering instances impacting your app's performance.

Omni Search:

OpenReplay lets in you to search and filter by way of nearly any interaction, attribute or technical event, so you can reply any question.

Omni Search: OpenReplay


OpenReplay is self-hosted, so you have full manipulate over your facts and privacy.

What you should See when Looking Out for Session Recording & Heatmap tools?

Ease of Use:

The device have to have an intuitive interface that makes it handy to set up and navigate via one-of-a-kind aspects except a steep mastering curve.

Session Recording Quality:

Check the first-rate of session recordings, making sure they seize consumer interactions precisely and supply clear insights into consumer behavior.

Heatmap Accuracy:

Evaluate the accuracy of heatmaps in visualizing person engagement and behavior, consisting of click on patterns, scrolling, and mouse movements.

Data Security:

Prioritize equipment that provide sturdy information safety measures, in particular if dealing with touchy consumer information. Consider whether or not the device helps self-hosting for delivered manage over data.


Look for equipment that permit you to outline customized events, segments, and funnels. This customization ensures you can music and analyze particular person interactions applicable to your business.

Filtering and Segmentation:

Check if the device presents superior filtering and segmentation alternatives for each session recordings and heatmap data. This helps you focal point on precise person segments and interactions.

Real-time Insights:

Real-time or near-real-time reporting can be vital for figuring out and addressing problems promptly.

Integration Capabilities:

Ensure the device can combine with your present tech stack, such as analytics platforms, patron relationship administration (CRM) systems, and person lookup tools.


Verify that the device works seamlessly throughout extraordinary gadgets and browsers to seize a complete view of consumer behavior.

Performance Impact:

Consider the tool's affect on internet site or utility performance. It have to no longer appreciably gradual down the consumer experience.

Analytics Features:

Beyond session recordings and heatmaps, consider whether or not the device presents extra analytics aspects like funnel analysis, cohort tracking, person ride mapping, and retention analysis.


Understand the pricing shape and whether or not it aligns with your budget. Some equipment provide free tiers or trials to discover their elements earlier than committing.

Price Plans of Browsee and OpenReplay

Browsee Plans:

  • Free version: Available
  • Free trial: Available
  • Starting price: $19.00/month
  • Plus: $49/month
  • Pro: $103/month
  • Executive: $239/month

OpenReplay Plans:

  • Free Version: Available
  • Pay-as-you-Go: $3.95 Per 1000 session/ month

Prices are subjected to change thus, check the websites of the following; Browsee and OpenReplay.


Browsee stands out as the favored desire for session recording and heatmaps due to its user-centric diagram and superior features. While OpenReplay provides precious capabilities, Browsee's seamless integration, complete analytics, and intuitive interface grant an area in grasp consumer behavior. Its emphasis on bettering person journey makes Browsee the greatest solution.

How much is a great User Experience worth to you?

Browsee helps you understand your user's behaviour on your site. It's the next best thing to talking to them.

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